The Partiologist: Valentine Fondue Party - Part III

Valentine Fondue Party - Part III

Take a look how my center island became another sweet treat station.  Filled with more sweets to dip in the chocolate fondue.

Valentine Fondue Party

Even the coffee station was dressed up.

Not that you have too, it was really fun to dress up the sugar cubes...I'm just saying.

And I added a few candles to the d├ęcor.

Wrapped them with glass bead heart garland.  This time the wine glasses were adorned.

With glass hearts that I popped off after the party.  Sparkling Water or Sparkling Love as I called it!

And these too were so pretty.

Frozen Cranberry Martini's with sugared rims and a valentine ornament, sitting on my counter filled with iridescent grass.  I added a few fresh cranberries to each glass.  Last, but not least, the center island.

The center was filled with heart shaped marshmallow Peeps surrounded with my Layered Love concoction!

Around the Peeps and Layered Love were X & O dishes holding more goodies to dip~

I don't think I've left anything out, did I??  Oh maybe I did - I forgot to tell you what happened to one of my fondue fountains...Remember I propped it up on a glass table top? 

Bad idea - while I was off singing & dancing, I heard a loud crash and it had toppled onto the floor!!!  Chocolate and sprinkles were everywhere, but did that stop me from having fun??  No, I just went over and started eating the chocolate off the floor!  (Sad, but true!)

I'm VERY Fondue of You!!


  1. If I were to do a party like this...I would have to start now...FOR 2013!


  2. i remember when that disaster with the chocolate happened! crazy! love the cranberry martini's, healthy and delicious!

  3. The only thing that could have made this party better is to have a picture of you sitting on the floor eating yummies. Oh please, give us a peak at that. :-))))

    1. Lexy - If I had a photo, I would share! But I was busy eating chocolate and no one else took photos! :(

  4. You sooooooo know how to throw a party! I wish I had half your imagination when it comes to putting one together!

  5. Your ideas are amazing and your photos are phenomenal. I'm in awe each week.


  6. Details down to the little sugar cubes!! You are incredible :0)


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