The Partiologist: Conversation Heart Party - The Drinks!

Conversation Heart Party - The Drinks!

It wouldn't be a party without a few drink selections would it?  And I've created a few one of a kind drinks for everyone to enjoy...

With my painting as the background.
And on the glasses.
Yep, I painted my glasses and rimmed them with crushed conversation hearts!  And a dome covered chocolate cupcake with a heart topper was placed along side the drinks.
But what about the Fabulous and Flirty Frappes.
They were Too Cute!
I stuck window clings to the dome, the glasses and on the counter.
Or the Conversation Heart Mini Margarita Shots.
Topped with whipped cream, chopped Conversation Hearts & a little flag.

I don't know if you had as much fun through this party as me, but just in case, tomorrow I'll show you the table and then, my lovely peeps, I'll give you a rest.

The Drinks Are on Me!


  1. I've enjoyed this party a lot. Such a cute use of conversation hearts. This is a party I would have LOVED to attend!

  2. Love the crushed hearts on the martini glasses! Such a cute idea!


  4. I loved your Conversation Heart Party ideas, Kim! Thanks!

  5. Fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing!!


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