The Partiologist: Zebra Cake Pops

Zebra Cake Pops

I thought you might like to see how I made my zebra cake pops.  I didn't invent the cake pops, but this is how I made them - lots of them!

Zebra Cake Pops

And they were Zebra Licious!

It started when I found Baby Cakes.

And really, with a name like Baby Cakes - what's not to love. 
And I REALLY loved the idea that they would all be the same size!!

But let me tell you, if you plan to use one whole cake recipe for the pops, you will be baking for a long time and have more cake pops then you know what to do with.  Did you notice that I did not call this a tutorial?  Well, I forgot to take the baking photos, so just read the directions that come in the cake pop box and you'll be fine! 

Really, do you need step by step photos?  It comes with a little stand that holds about 12 pops.  I don't know what they thought you would do with the rest, so I came up with a solution.  I used a perforated baking sheet, and these are just the beginning.

I put the baking sheet on top of a jelly roll pan.  Dipped the pops in Quick Pour Icing and let them dry before piping the zebra stripes - one stripe at a time!

After decorating each pop, I made another contraption to hold them while in the freezer.

Filled a couple of cardboard boxes with paper shred (to help hold the pops in place).  Wrapped saran wrap around them and froze until needed.

Next I needed something to serve them on.  And I came up with this.

Covered a piece of styrofoam with black contact paper.  Took the perferated pan and marked with nails the same distance between the pops.  Most people would have used a ruler - I don't know why I didn't.  Here is the result.

 I put a Zebra cake pop where each nail was!  And they were perfectly even - YEA!
Then I added some zebra ribbon around the stand.

Stuck the styrofoam stand on a black platter with super duper double stick foam tape.  Oh, I measured the size of the styrofoam to fit the platter before covering with contact paper - this time I used a ruler!   It's obvious where the ribbon is, but I just figured out how to add an arrow!

If you don't want to make zebra cake pops...these were a huge hit at the party.

Chocolate chip stuffed raspberries!

And they loved them so much I almost felt guilty that they weren't harder to make!  Here's what you need.

After washing and drying the raspberries, poke a little chocolate chip in the center.  Then poke a few in your mouth!

Did You Know...
Small is the New Big!


  1. Great job! Making cake pops is really easy but I like your Quick Pour icing. Easy peasy.

  2. You make my head spin and you know what I mean! Another beautiful creation! Cheeron!!!

  3. Kim you are amazing. I love your methodology. The zebra pops look so good but I really like the 'difficult' recipe for the raspberries. Now I can handle that one. (smile) Well done!!!


  4. These are fabulous! They are so very cute! I am going to make the raspberries....those are something that I think I could do with out messing them up! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Yay, I posted something raspberry today too.
    I have to tell you a secret, last year I tried making zebra cake pops..but failed completely, yours are amazing, Kim maybe you can do a tutorial on those, I can never get the animal prints right!

    1. Hani - you make me smile, I thought this was a tutorial! hehe :) I just forgot to take photos, so not a very good tutorial! I do remember I used a squeeze bottle to pipe on the stripes!

  6. Can't get much better than raspberries and chocolate...... :0)

  7. Love your zebra cake cute! Perfection! Love the raspberry idea...definitely will be trying that:D

    Maysem @

  8. Where can i find the recipe for your quick pour icing?

  9. Would love that recipe for youe quick pour icing? Would you share?

    1. I just used the Wilton Recipe - Here's the link~


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