The Partiologist: Zebra Flooring - Tutorial

Zebra Flooring - Tutorial

I wondered if you knew Zebra's aren't just for Christmas anymore??  In fact my Zebra Themed Christmas Party actually began as a Birthday Party for my daughter.  So I think you should WILDLY consider having a ZEBRA party this year.  And to get you started, I will show you how I made the zebra flooring in my entryway. 

DIY Zebra Flooring

Started with brown shipping paper.

And a Blank Canvas (aka My Floor).

Ordered black contact paper.

Rolled out the brown paper across the floor and taped it down the middle and ends.

Cut around the oval shape in the floor design.

The drew random zebra stripes with a pencil.

And scribbled them in with marker so I could see where the stripes were.  I cut out the stripes one at a time and traced them (upside down) onto the contact paper, numbering each as I went so I wouldn't forget where they were to be placed after they were cut.

And there you have it - my Zebra Flooring.

This was the first thing for the guests to view when coming to the party!  And after the party was over, I just pulled it off the floor and threw it away.  Took about five hours to make and about five minutes to pull off!  I put this on the floor at least a week before the party and it held up really well. 

Is anyone seeing stripes in their future?

There's always a wild side to an Innocent Face!


  1. What an amazing idea. I have no clue how you come up with such plans. You should start a party planning buisiness. I am sure you will be known in no time.

    1. Thanks! I don't think anyone could pay me enough! :) Lots and lots of work!

  2. Love that idea and the fact that you can do it with any kind of animal print to match your theme. So cool!

    1. I've done it with other designs as well! So fun - thanks!

  3. love love love all of your fun ideas!!!

  4. I cannot get over how professional it looks - is there anything you can't do? Maryann

  5. I think this is probably the coolest thing I have seen you do to date. Love it, so creative and over the top. from,twobeautifulgirls


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