The Partiologist: Baby Shower - More Decor!

Baby Shower - More Decor!

The traveling baby shower didn't stop with the table, I carried it on over to the buffet.  But first things first.  I need to finish up the treats on the main table.

Baby Buggy Brownies
Mini brownies covered in chocolate ganache and topped with a little buggy I made out of fondant!  Come to find out, after the shower, two mischievous little boys ate the buggy's off of the left over brownies!  How funny, I would have eaten the brownies and left the buggy!

I'm sure you all remember the little donuts?
Yes, there were plenty of donuts!

I guess there was PLENTY of everything!
Including the Peanut Butter Cheesecake Truffles.
I hot glued a little ribbon flag to the top of each pick!

Now we can move on over to the Buffet.
First in line were my favorite.
Chocolate drizzled banana/strawberry kabobs! Can you say YUM?
How cute are these little layered chocolate cakes.
The guest of honor LOVES popcorn treats - so I made popcorn treats!
All lined up in the front of the buffet were coconut cupcakes.
And I wrapped Hershey's Miniatures!  Because they were cute.  And I like cute.
The next forecast?  99% Chance of Cute!


  1. Hi, I'm a new subscriber so I wanted to introduce myself before I let myself loose on with the mass commenting when I receive my RSS feeds, lol. So, hi! I'm Lisa *waves* I'm also a dessert blogger focusing mainly on cupcakes, cakes and cookies, but occasionally I do others :)

    You have a great talent, I love everything you've posted. I love the prams, they look awesome. Keep on baking.




  3. Darling darling darling. And you even wrapped the little miniatures. Boy thats dedication. I sure would like to come to one of your parties. Everything looks gorgeous and I know it tasted that good too. Once again you've outdone yourself. Love it, absolutely love it all.


  4. Great job on the buggies and I'm with you, leave the buggy and give me that brownie! Those kabobs looked delish and I don't even care for banana's. I would have made a bee line for those cupcakes. Super CUTE party.

  5. Everything looks amazing. Especially the fruits on sticks. That is a wonderful project to do with kids..:)

  6. How adorable is that strawberry-banana kabob.
    Quoick question. Did you dip the banana in anything to keep
    it from turning brown thus eliminating a very last minute
    preparation. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Lexy! This time I did not dip the banana in anything, just made them right before the party. I think that if you dip the banana in lemon juice it might keep it from turning brown.


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