The Partiologist: Baby Shower - Beverages!

Baby Shower - Beverages!

Before winding down and packing up the baby shower, I didn't want to leave out the beverages.  This little corner was just as important - to wash down all those sweets!

Neapolitan Baby Beverages

Of course I had Milk to offer - Chocolate, White & Strawberry!

And bottled water always tastes sweeter if it's for Sophie!
This tea was amazing - Orange Cinnamon - so sweet without adding any sugar!
And coffee never tasted better, I think because there were ribbons tied to the handles!

Did you notice the back drops behind the buffet and beverages?
Started with this.
And this.
White canvases I flipped over.
And wrapped quilted fabric around and stapled on.
Added pink, white and brown tulle and ribbons to complete the look.  After the shower, I removed everything and will use them again...and again...and again!  

I had a very sweet time at this party - thanks for stopping by! 

My car is loaded and I'm heading home.


  1. I can't imagine throwing a party without you doing the decorating, baking/cooking, etc.! Best party planner/thrower/hostess ever!


  2. So cute! Love the little onesie!

  3. I have always wanted to ask this question when I see adorable parties with a milk you pour the milk when it time to serve OR just before folks arrive? How do you keep it fresh and cool?

    1. I'm not sure how everyone else does it, but we poured the milk right before serving and it was cold. If I want to pour it before the guests arrive, I put the glasses inside another glass container and surround the milk with ice.


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