The Partiologist: Chocolate Easter Egg Pops!

Chocolate Easter Egg Pops!

A Tisket A Tasket, Have I got treats to fill your Easter Basket??  Of Course I do!  And one of my favorite is the Colored Chocolate Egg Pops!

Chocolate Easter Egg Pops

And yes, there is a chocolate cake pop under all that sparkle! 

You're welcome!

You know that I like all things to be uniform in size, so me trying to mold chocolate egg shapes all the same size just wouldn't work.  And I had to come up with a better way.  You know, The Partiologist way.  I used little plastic eggs.

Mix up the cake and frosting and press into the molds.
Put them in the freezer until firm and then pop the cake out of the egg.  That's one sentence I didn't ever see myself saying!
Next add your cake pop stick and dip in melted candy melts.  Before the candy melts harden, hurry and sprinkle matching sugar over the egg.
After they were dry, I tied them up in a little bag! 

Here's another idea I had for cake pops.
This time using my Wilton brownie mold.
You could either bake the shape in the mold, or press the cake into the mold. Insert Cake Pop sticks and get them ready to dip in chocolate. 
I put Wilton wrappers under each pop and piped green frosting all around using the grass tip. Then Sprinkled with colored dragees for the flowers.
Add some little round fondant dots and you're done!  Congratulations, you did it!

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  1. Great idea! These are super cute!!

  2. What great ideas! Love the colors of the first eggs, and the grass on the second:)

  3. HA, fabulous idea using the egg to make an egg! Now that's using your noggin :) Love the bling.

  4. I really, really want to eat one of these right now! They look soooooo good!

  5. Thank you soooooooooo much for this blog post!!!! I was going to use an egg cookie cutter thank I got from Michael's but then I'm like DUHHHH one, side will be flat! Googled and found you!


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