The Partiologist: Jelly Belly Alley!

Jelly Belly Alley!

How would you like to take a stroll with me down Jelly Belly Alley?

Jelly Belly Beans
Jelly Belly Alley is actually on the island in my kitchen, where all things Jelly Beans can be found! 

This little Chickadee is the Greeter!
First in the alley is a little nest of Jelly Beans.
Covered with a glass dome.

A little more Egg-citing were the Jelly Belly Shots.
Little Shot Glasses filled with Jelly Beans.  Oh, I guess they are really not that Egg-citing.  Maybe they would have been if they were filled with real "Jelly Belly" Beans!

It gets a little better with the Jelly Bean topped Chocolate Cherries.
Yea, pretty Egg-citing huh?

I thought you might like my "Jelly Belly" Spritzers.
I don't know if you can tell, but I cut jelly beans in half and stuck them to the outside of each glass!  No glue needed.
Then I wanted to fill them with something colorful.
So I added a drop of food color to each glass.  Here's the orange.
Top with sparkling Wine or Soda!  I won't say what I topped it with.  It looks like there are goldfish in the glass in this photo, but I promise there are none.  Here they are all filled up.
What kid adult wouldn't love those??
Another fun thing I added to my decor was grass (bulletin board border) around each serving piece.
After marking with a pencil an even line on the grass, I used glue dots to stick the grass border around the outside edge of the glass!  Then I filled the inside with paper grass.
And that's where I put my Easter Cake...Jelly Belly Style!

Have a Jelly Belly Easter!


  1. I LOVE Jelly Bellies, but your set up is so cute I'm willing to overlook the walmart jelly bean part. What Egg-cellent work you did!

    1. Thanks Tara, I'm so glad you were willing to overlook the Wally World jelly beans! :)

  2. I LOVE that you stuck jelly beans to the outside of the glass! Those glasses look SO FUN!! And honestly, I'm glad you told me how you did it to...I couldn't figure it out! They look like they were painted on and I was thinking that you are an amazing PAINTER as well! (Actually, I bet you are though. You seem to be talented at everything you do.)

    1. Now you can make some too!! Sorry, I'm NOT an amazing painter! :)

  3. I bet you lie awake at night just coming up with party ideas. The jelly beans on the glass idea cracks me up...pure genius!

    1. Thanks Terri! I usually lay awake in the middle of the night, so I just start dreaming of parties! :) I might as well be dreaming even if I can't sleep!

  4. CUTE!!! Party. Every little detail is eggcelently done. LOVE the Jelly Belly jelly beans mmmm. Even the WAlly World ones are good I'm sure. We have no Wally World near us. I LOVED the grass around all the plates!

  5. What a fun display! I love all of the details, I think I would be popping off those candies on the glasses and eating them, though!

  6. You're so fun, Kim. Love this theme and all the fun ways you used jelly beans. :)

  7. a whole jelly bean island? walmart or not it's
    all kinds of awesomeness. :-)

  8. Are the chocolate covered cherries homemade or storebought? Either way it's a cute idea. If it's homemade are you going to share the recipe? Sure hope so.

    1. Thanks Lexy, the chocolate covered cherries are store bought, then I piped a little frosting around the top and added a jelly bean! SIMPLE! :)


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