The Partiologist: May Day Monday!

May Day Monday!

 Tomorrow is May Day and I want to know if you've made your May Baskets?
Well, lucky for you I made the cutest little May Basket and you can too!
I'm gonna tell you how.  Even if you don't want to know.
The boxes came from the dollar store!
Punches from Hobby Lobby.
Paper from Joann's Fabric.
And everything was in my storage room! 
Fold your boxes~
Punch out the flowers, bend the petals up and get some ribbon to match~
Hot glue the ribbon to the box~
Hot glue the flowers to the ribbon~
Find some buttons~
Pick one and hot glue it in the center of the paper flower~
Gather the candy you want to use~

Mine happens to be chocolate.
Cut out strips of paper (the size of the candy) to wrap around the chocolate.

Fill the basket with white paper shred and top with the candy~

So cute and easy unless you have to make 50, then I would recommend buying party cups and filling with nuts and mints and make a handle out of a pipe cleaner.

 Did you make & deliver May Baskets as a child?  Not only did I make and deliver May Baskets, I also danced around the May Pole, weaving ribbons in and out.  Yes, we did those kinds of things on the prairie.   Every year my little country school had a May Day Program (no kidding) complete with a May Queen and King.  We always had a theme to our May Day programs and one year we dressed from different countries.  I was a little Dutch girl.  Complete with wooden shoes.  I danced the May Pole while wearing wooden shoes.  Maybe I should say I clogged the May Pole. 

Anyway, I have wonderful memories of May Day.  Helping my mom make the baskets, filling them with candy and delivering them.  Just in case you've never experienced delivering a May Basket, this is how it works.  You would leave a basket on someone's doorstep, ring the bell and run.  I think they were supposed to catch you or something, (I don't remember, I might have been on a chocolate high from all the candy I ate while filling my baskets).  I probably got caught a few times cuz I really couldn't run too fast (still can't).  Then I would come home to see if someone left a May Basket on my door step.  And Yes, they did!! 

So, go create some memories and deliver May Baskets!!

Or Dance Clog The May Pole!


  1. I don't tell you often enough how much your talent amazes me! Ps-Got your email. Ttys

  2. Thanks for the great idea...I won't have time to make it, but I sure wish I would have done something fun like that! Maybe next year! Thanks!


  3. Monna (rhymes with Donna)April 30, 2012 at 5:45 AM

    Love this!. and great idea! I have never heard of May Day baskets. Or May Parade. Where have I been? lol.. but dancing around a pole sounds fun and interesting!. LOL Thanks for sharing. and i learned something already this A. M.

    1. I am full of information!! Thanks for the sweet comment!

  4. Very pretty and seems simple enough for me! Happy May!

  5. We don't do May boxes here, wish we did, these are adorable!

  6. Those are adorable May baskets! I love them and I love the memory of doing them when I was little....Also, I was the little May Day Princess when I was 6! It was fun:)

  7. I can see you wearing wooden shoes dancing around the May pole. You are so precious!

    1. I don't know how precious it was, I think my Dutch hat kept getting caught in the ribbon. LOL

  8. Adorable. Simply adorable. If it wasn't 10 o'clock at night and I just didn't get my screaming daughter to sleep, I would have run to Hobby Lobby gotten the supplies and made them. Every year I say I'm going to do May Day Baskets and I never get to I. I will tuck this idea in my pocket and do it next year (ha-ha)from, twobeatufulgirls


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