The Partiologist: Whoopsie Daisy Cake

Whoopsie Daisy Cake

Before I show you the Whoopsie Daisy Cake, let's take a quick look at the fresh fruit cups.  I called this "I never promised you a rose garden"...I don't know why.

Rose Garden Fruit Cups

Fresh fruit filled wine glasses rimmed with pink sanding sugar and a dollop of whipped cream on top.
Pink & white gingham ribbon were tied to the stemware and placed on little round doilies.  Glued white pom poms around pink & white polka dot fabric~
And the Daisies were tied on the OUTSIDE of the vase~
And the vase was filled with glass marbles.
And now presenting my Whoopsie Daisy Cake~
This was only my second fondant cake and that's how it got it's name.  Every time I goofed up with the fondant, I said "Whoopsie" and added a "Daisy".  WOW, there sure are alot of daisies!  :)
And this, my party people, is the end of the Garden Party Highlights!

Everything's Coming Up Roses Daisies!


  1. Wow everything you do is awesome. Loving the display and creativeness and the cake is beautiful. Love the colours too.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  2. I love the pink sugar on the rim of the fruit filled glasses. Adds that extra sparkle :)

  3. I love the idea of the pink sugar on the glasses also - that's an easy thing to do when having guests to make dessert look special when you don't have a lot of time. I really enjoy reading about and seeing all of your great ideas! thanks.

  4. Good golly Kim, every thing you do is beautiful.

  5. If I could just make ONE of the daisies I would think I was doing pretty good! It was just beautiful! You are so talented!

  6. Kim, your blog is my go-to place for great ideas!
    Susan Skalican
    Sweet Treats by Susan

  7. Your whoopsie daisy cake is so pretty and I love the fruit-filled wine glasses. Nice touch with the bows at the base.

  8. Beautiful! I want a daisy cake:) You are so talented!!

  9. I have put ribbon bows on goblets for years but never ever have I ever thought of putting them at the bottom of the glass. I just learned a new trick and I'm tickled pink. You are so so clever and creative Kim. Love to come to your blog. Never know what you are up to next. Also did you already post about the cloches on the cupcakes. Too cute. I've been looking for some of those for a while now. Do you remember where you got them?


    1. Thanks Nann! I think I posted about the cupcake cloches awhile back. I got them at Pottery Barn a few years ago. :)

  10. Everything is so pretty. You did an awesome job on your fondant cake!!


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