The Partiologist: More Ladybugs!

More Ladybugs!

Hey pretty lady...this bugs for you.
Take a look at the ladybug cocktails!
Ladybug Cocktails

 I want to bring this to your attention~
Each one of the glasses had little lady bugs stuck to the outside of the glasses. 
 Here I made chocolate covered pretzel rods dipped in pecan pieces.  Tied up with gingham ribbon, placed in juice glasses with paper shred.  More ribbon on the glasses, which made me think of Daisy Duke.  Really nothing to do with a picnic, that's just how my mind works.
More treats...
Tucked away in another corner, there was a three tired stand holding more treats.
Top tier was filled with mini brownie bites~
Middle tier was filled with chocolate covered sea salt caramels~
Where a lady bug rested on a leaf and a few sprinkles of salt.
(Both the lady bug and leaf I made out of fondant)
Bottom tier held grasshopper brownies~
That means chocolate mint brownies in gingham cupcake wrappers.
Not in a corner, but over on the counter were lots of red and black candy~
I made labels for each kind of candy, not because they couldn't figure out what they were, but because they were cute.  Just think how cute the labels would be in a clear photo.
This little box held Coconut Cheesecake Bars and read:
 Once a Lady, Always A Lady!
Maybe mine should have read Once a Nut, Always A Nut!
Are you a Lady or a Nut?


  1. Very cute party Kim! I just can't stop thinking about the grasshopper brownies:) YUMMY!!!!

  2. Everything for this party was so well thought out and so well executed. You are a treasure and an amazing talent.


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