The Partiologist: I'm Leaving...On A Jet Plane!

I'm Leaving...On A Jet Plane!

I interrupt this regular scheduled program to bring you an update on The Partiologist.  I'm leaving for a little vacation with my two daughters.  Poor hubby has to stay home and work to pay for our trip. (Last year he got to go on our Staycation, so he doesn't feel too bad).  It's been a really loooong time since I've been on a real vacation.  Like, did you know that they charge $20.00 for a checked bag?  Well, I tried to cram everything in a carry on bag, and it wasn't happening.  Let's just say that if I were to write a book about my beauty regimen, it would be titled "It Takes A Village!".  
We're headed to California!
Dana Point to be exact and here's what I have planned~

Sunday - Travel day and arrive in Dana Point.  That's when we check in, get to the room and I drive my daughters crazy.  We need to be organized for the trip.  Unload the luggage, shoes in the closet not scattered all over the roon.  If any ironing needs to be done, we should get that taken care of and the rest of our clothes hung up.  Everyone gets a couple of drawers, I get the biggest.  Determine what goes where on the vanity.  Then, organize all the luggage in the corner, out of the way.  (Now that I think about it, maybe my husband didn't really have to work!!) 

Monday - We're going on a Three Hour Tour with Captain Dave.  They call it a Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari.  And I just saw on the news that 8068 pounds of marijuana were found floating off the coast of Dana Point.  Now, what if the Dolphins and Whales stashed some of the pot and smoke it, get a little crazy and try to eat our boat??   If I remember correct, the last time I heard of a three hour tour, they ended up on an deserted island.  So if you don't hear from me, you know where I  am.  And you can call me Ginger.

Tuesday - Off to Catalina Island where we'll be Zip Lining.  Yes, I'm going to Zip Line, not sure why I felt the need to do this.  When I was packing for this excursion, I couldn't decide what shoes to bring.  I said to my daughter that I didn't know if I should pack my good shoes or not.  Because... what if the line broke and I fell into mud and ruined my shoes?  She pointed out that if the line broke, we wouldn't be muddy, we'd be dead.  So good shoes it is.

Wednesday - This is our free day.   Meaning, it very well could be a shopping day.  I've got a car rented and I've heard that shopping is a big attraction in the OC.  My girls might think of this as another adventure.  They say I'm a scary driver, and driving in CA might just qualify.  I'm really not a scary driver, I just like to go fast around the round abouts when I'm the only car around.  In CA, I might not be the only car around.

Thursday - Surf Lessons!  No, not me, just the girls.  They are taking a surf lesson - wet suits and all.  I didn't sign up for this.  What could possibly go wrong with surfing...I'll be the one the beach keeping a look out.

Friday - If all of my adventures work as planned, it will be time to come home to all my party people.  Let's say, I think you'll be glad I'm coming home, I've got lots of party ideas to unload share with you!  No need to be bored while I'm gone though, my robots will be finishing up the Ladybug picnic...the best is yet to come!

Here's to Good Times in California!


  1. Have a great time! As you point out, there's lots of fun things to do in my home state:) Enjoy!

  2. Hope you and the girls have fun! I am with them on your driving! Ha! Remember how we used to drag Main and when we saw someone we knew, you would wave and drive toward them! Whew! That was exciting! HA! Remember when we lived in Lincoln and you decided to eat a sundae while tipped it up to eat off the top and the chocolate syrup dripped all over my suede jacket that you were wearing......................Oh, well! Enjoy and make lots of new memories!!! Hugs and safe travels!!!!!!!!!!! CHEERON!!!!!!!

  3. Go have a blast. This sounds like so much fun. I'm off too on an Alaskan Cruise for 10 days. Gotta see those whales :D See ya when you get back.


  4. Your vacation plans sound wonderful and I hope everything goes as planned ;)

  5. Monna (rhymes with donna)May 27, 2012 at 6:29 AM

    have fun. My hubby stays home a lot on my vacations, after all, someone has to watch our little boys (2 dogs and 1 cat.)
    and if you fly charge for bags....

  6. sounds like a wonderful trip and just like your parties everything is planned to the tee and not a detail missed. Enjoy yourself, you deserve it. from, twobeautifulgirls

  7. That sounds very fun!! Have a great time and looking forward to your return

  8. Have a great time! Try not to ask a lot of questions during the zip line adventure so the tour guide doesn't kick you out! (I remember an airboat ride in Florida with you)! Stay safe and drive carefully!

  9. Enjoy our vacation. Dana Point is gorgeous. If you love 50's diners I recommend going to Ruby's on the Pier in Newport beach, but they have a location in Dana Point as well. You will LOVE zipling, it is a blast.


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