The Partiologist: Star Light ~ Star Bright!

Star Light ~ Star Bright!

Today is a WOW day.  You are going to be WOWED by all the creative uses of a star cookie cutter.  When my AMAZING friend and cookie decorator, Callye (SweetSugarBelle) asked if I would like to participate in a collection of ideas using the simple star cookie cutter, I was thrilled.  And by thrilled, I mean my heart started beating in REDWHITE and BLUE.  In fact, I got my heart rate got up so high I decided to skip my workout for the day and start on my project.  Originally I thought I would like make something very elegant and sophisticated.  That idea ended up partly in the trash and partly in my belly and before I knew it, I turned back into "The Partiologist".  Same thing happens at my parties.  I start out the evening thinking I'll act elegant and sophisticated, the doorbell rings and in a instant I'm "The Partiologist"!!  Here's my creation "Partiologist" style!

Star Light

Star Bright
Many Stars You'll See Tonight!
And you can eat these stars.  You SO would be the brightest star of the party when you walk in holding this tray of starlit cookies!  All you have to do is lift a star cookie off the light to eat.  Here's the inside scoop~
Star Shaped Cookie Cutters
Red & Blue Fondant
Battery Operated Lights & Batteries
Stripe Embossing Mat
Serving Tray
White Paper Shred
Bake star shaped cookies.  I baked three sizes first to see which would fit.
Bake small and large cookies.
Press hole in each cookie as soon as they come out of the oven.
Layer the cookies on the lights to see how you want to lay them out.
Make sure the lights and batteries work.
Roll out red fondant.
Use embossing mat and make stripes on fondant.
Cut out stars using the cutter - 5 Large Red & 5 Large Blue.
Repeat with 5 Small Red & 5 Small Blue.
Make hole in center of all the fondant stars.
Brush back of fondant with Karo Syrup and place fondant on cookie.
After each star cookie is topped with fondant, pipe white royal icing around the edge and sprinkle with sanding sugar.
Here they are - Red, Piped and Blue Star Cookies! : )
Lay all the paper shred on the serving tray and then add the lights.
Covering the battery pack with shred.
Layer each light with one large star and the one small star.  Alternating colors.
Glowing in the light~
Glowing in the dark~
Star light ...stars are shinning bright tonight!
More amazing ideas from the Shinning Stars who participated in this project~

Thanks SweetSugarBelle!



  1. Oh my goodness KIM!!! You took the party to a whole new level!! I am in total awe of these!! Only you would add lights to cookies to take them to "Over the TOP Fabulous!!" Amazing!!!!

  2. I love love this idea.....never in a million years would it come into MY head but that is why YOU are the partiologist!!!!

  3. Yes, I am wowed, especially by these lighted cookies! What a fabulous idea and I really shouldn't be surprised that you came up with this. Love these :)

  4. Oh my.......KIM! How do you come up with the most incredible ideas? When I first saw these, I didn't know they had lights in them. I thought they were fabulous layered star cookies. Nope.....they were STUPENDOUS, OFF-THE-CHARTS , LIGHTED star cookies. Wow. Yep......that's why we can depend on the Partiologist. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Oh my stinkin' heck those are beyond amazing!!!!!

  6. It's just amazing to me that you would think to add lights!! So fun!! You are so creative!! These would be the hit of any 4th of July party for sure!!

  7. SOOO freakin' clever. Perfect for when the sun goes down!

  8. The lighted up star cookies are fantastic! Very creative and so much fun!

  9. I seriously *gasped* when I saw these. You are the master of fun!

  10. looks like a party to me! love it!

  11. Only you could have thought of this, how brilliant and fun!

  12. You've done it again. I know that we will now see many lighted ideas and you can relish the fact that YOU STARTED IT. Way to go.

  13. I agree with Lexy! It's like a lightbulb went off in my brain! Lighted cookies? Who'd have thought it! Again, wow!

  14. What a great cookie idea...and even better for the evening celebrations of Independence Day! Thanks for sharing!


  15. Brilliant! These are beautiful and so fun and festive. I hope you'll add these to my Patriotic Project Parade. I would love to see them there.

  16. Great tutorial, and fantastic cookies! The cookies are almost as BRILLIANT as you!!!!

  17. You are one talented cookie! Thanks for such a great tutorial :-)

  18. Incredible! How did I miss these!?!

  19. Best star idea ever!! They light up AND you can eat them!?? So cool! Thanks for linking!


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