The Partiologist: Beach Week - Candy Oysters!

Beach Week - Candy Oysters!

The Beach Week creations are being made for the combined birthday party of two sweet little girls.  And they call me Gramma Gi Gi.  NO, I am not their Gramma and NO, my name is not Gi Gi.   But that's what I wanted them to call me and they're little enough not to know any better.

Candy Oyster's

In reality they're not pearls, they're white gumballs. 

And the Oyster's are made from candy melts. 

But you know, it is what it is...maybe next time I'll find the pearl. 

For now I'll just make them edible and I'll show you how!
Now this is what I call a STEP by STEP tutorial!

Supplies needed are Wilton seashell candy molds & candy melts.
White Gumballs.
Pipe squiggles of white candy melts in bottom of the sea shells using the shell shape.
Pipe pink candy melts over white.
Then pipe more white squiggles on top.
Swirl with toothpick.
Place in the freezer to set.
Tap shells out of mold.
Pipe a dot of pink candy melts.
Add white gumball.
Pipe pink candy melts on edge of the shell that has the gumball.
Top with another shell and place back in mold to set until firm (freezer again).
Take out of mold and place in mini cupcake paper.
I then placed all six Oysters in a mini Wilton box and tied with white tulle.

 May your world be filled with oyster's and pearls!


  1. Kim, these are fantastic, I can see them as /cake toppers too. You have so many great ideas!
    I love these

  2. absolutely adorable!

  3. I would actually eat this kind of oyster! You are awesome! Cheeron!!!

  4. I want an oyster with a pearl because they are super cute!

  5. What a perfect idea for those molds. I even have them. Super cute surprise for my friends who own beach houses. Now I just have to make them ha ha


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