The Partiologist: Come One, Come All!

Come One, Come All!

Step right up to the Greatest "Party" on Earth!

Here's what I've been up to the last few days, weeks, months...I guess really it has been in the making for over a year.  I am so excited to share with you my 'over the top' - "Under The Big Top" circus party.  Let me warn you, it's more than a three ring post circus and I promise, it will be worth every click!

Remember when I told you that if you found some cute invitations to buy them?  Again, I didn't take my own advice.  You see, I always think I have a great idea and in my head which really didn't sound that hard.  Then I try to make it and making big deal.  Making 20...BIG DEAL!  The invitations were made with simple crafting tools.  And alot of time.  I ended up loving them, so they were worth each hour.

Circus Invitations

The Ringmaster and Clown are Coming to Town!
(Guess who the clown is??)

Here's the How Too~
Red Stripe Bag
Red, Yellow & Green Card Stock
Square Invitations & Envelopes
Print Your Invitations - Outside and Inside
Red Bakers Twine & White Thread
Pennant Paper Punch
Round Plate
Sewing Machine

Mark a semi circle on each invitation with a pencil using the plate.
Punch out a blue, yellow and red triangle for each invitation.
Glue on the pennant.
Sew on the pennant using the pencil marking for your guide.
Erase any pencil that still shows up.
Trim the thread.
Insert into red and white stripe bag.

Punch a little hole on the end of each ticket.
Tie the tickets around the red & white stripe bag.
Insert into envelope
I have to say that those invitations were easier then these invitations...
This design was for a baby shower and this is the only photo.  I bought some plain fold over note cards and cut the top flap in a curve to fit the banner. The banner was made with my cricuit, first cut in red and then cut and glued a smaller yellow on top.  Yes, I punched the letters out of blue card stock and glued each letter on the banner and then glued the banner on the card.  You can't tell by the photo, but there is a layer of vellum on top of the wording.  Little holes are punched on each side, tying the vellum onto the card with the three ribbons.  The little circus juggling balls were under the vellum and would fall out when they opened their invitation.  Now for the real crazy part - I made 36 of these!!!

I found some adorable circus wrap around address labels on Etsy - last year!! I was going to share the link, only that store has closed. :(   If you don't want to make either of these, you can always find super cute invitations online!

 Call Me Bozo!


  1. I was at this baby shower...and people get ready for the photos to come!!!
    Truly one of the most amazing parties ever! I'm anxious to just look at All of the wonderful treats again! It was an honor to get to attend this party...thanks!

    Favorite Sister

  2. Once again, you blow my mind with such creative ideas. I'm still trying to figure out who the CLOWN would be! heehee

  3. I'm so excited to see all the fun things you came up with for the circus! These invitation are adorable.

  4. The REAL favorite sister!July 5, 2012 at 12:58 PM

    I am excited to see all of your photo's of the shower! It was absolutely amazing.

  5. I"m not a circus fan but I'm loving your invites. Very cute!

  6. A circus themed shower has to be one of the cutest ideas and your invitations are over the BIG TOP! Can't wait to see all the pictures, can only imagine how fabulous the party was.


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