The Partiologist: Clowning Around With Mable & Molly!

Clowning Around With Mable & Molly!

Every circus has a clown or two... or maybe three clowns!!  Mable, Molly and ME.  Remember Mable & Molly?  Well, I asked them to come as clowns for the party, not to thrilled with the idea, but agreed none the less.  I hadn't planned on being a clown, but let's just say that I put red lipstick on more my then my lips!  :)

Here's Mable~

And Molly~

 And Me~

I had some really cute shoes on earlier, then I may or may not have borrowed Mable's shoes!  Besides Mable and Molly greeting the guests, I also hung a banner, garland and circus lights~

The welcome Sign~

With Added Rhinestones to look like lights~

And directions, hmmm...which way to go?

And Circus Music was playing as they arrived outside and the band played on~

 And clown cookies for the clowns guests~

 Life is a Circus...

Every Circus Has A Clown!


  1. once again, a very fun post!!!! love the cookies!!

  2. I think Mable and Molly did a great job as clowns! Love the shoes too! You are a bit of a clown yourself!

  3. What wonderful decorations! Love Molly and Mable's outfits!!

  4. I'm usually afraid of clowns, but not yours!!! What a fun party!!


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