The Partiologist: Same Circus...Different Clowns!

Same Circus...Different Clowns!

Don't you think it's about time to get back to the Circus?  Well, I do!  There are so many Circus Acts going on, I couldn't decide where to begin.  How about we Clown Around with some beverage glasses.  Believe me, there were no tears on these Clowns, in fact they might just put a smile on your face.

Circus Clown Beverage Glasses

I decorated each glass to look like a Clown.

And even decorated a special corner to serve them, starting with this~
I added foam CIRCUS letters (Hobby Lobby) to the banner (Oriental Trading) with glue dots.  Found some Clown things at Party City and stuck them to the wall.  Then I decorated the glasses~
Punched out white scalloped edge circles and added red, yellow and blue pom poms with a hot glue gun.
Added the pom poms to the glasses with glue dots. 
I stuck the Clown feet, purchased from Oriental Trading (which were to be used for the bottom of cupcakes) to the bottom of the glasses.  
Added a large plastic red, yellow or blue straw to each glass.
Filled them with two scoops of Raspberry Sorbet and topped with Sparkling Wine~
And forgot to snap another photo!

And how about another little DIY Clown?
I made gumball clown toppers for the brownies.  And here's how~
Place a little square of wax paper on a Flower Nail
Pipe a red ruffle with royal icing and a #103 Decorating Tip
Place a jumbo white gumball on the ruffle before it dries
Form a piece of yellow fondant into a cone shape
Place on top of gumball
Press two small candy sprinkles into the cone
Using edible markers, draw on the eyes and mouth
After they are dry, place each clown on top of the brownies!
Just Clowning Around!


  1. As always...l love both of these ideas AND I think I'm able to make both of them! That is not always the case. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love the decked out area, too cute and so very circus-esq. The brownies look amazing too and love the way you've decorated them.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  3. Fun ideas and very creative displays as usual! The brownies are so cute and look delicious too! What a fun party!

  4. Clowns kind of creep me out but everything shown here is just too cute!

  5. Just love it all! AMAZING! Cheeron!!!

  6. Truly enjoying your circus theme. Your talent and creativity always blows me away. I just look at all you do and so enjoy your pictures imagining that I could do this (not!).

    Any chance you might share your brownie recipe here? It looks so good and such a smooth texture (both cake part and frosting). Thanks


    1. Thanks Lexy for your sweet comments. Right now I cannot share the recipe, as I am also offering these for sale locally.

  7. I always wanted to join the circus when I was a kid! Well, at least now I know where to go for good circus party tips! Thanks for always having us at your parties!

  8. I had fun (with Lisa) visiting your party, too!! The gumball clowns are so cute! I'm sure you'll find many more projects to use the rest of the gumballs!

  9. You have the perfect little kitchen nooks for party decorating. Those gumball clowns are adorable and that's saying a lot because I'm not a fan of clowns.

  10. Can you tell me where you found the clown feet

    1. I purchased the paper clown feet at Oriental Trading (I'm not sure they still have them).


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