The Partiologist: Pencil Cookies!

Pencil Cookies!

While everyone has been busy getting the kiddos ready to go back to school, I've been busy making "Back to School" treats.  Just in case you're already "Back to School" please consider these as "After School Treats"!!  And I'd like you to "Pencil Me In" and make these cookies!

Pencil Cookies

Packaged in Pretzel Bags!

Make your own pencil cookie cutter, or you may easily cut them by hand.

Here's the size I made to fit in the pretzel bags ~ PENCIL TEMPLATE

After the cookies are baked and while cooling, get your fondant ready.
You know... if you've got it then "fondant" it!  :)

Started with brown, pink and white fondant.

Added a little dark pink and brown fondant to the light pink fondant for the eraser color.

Rolled and cut out the pink fondant with the top of the pencil cookie cutter.

Added a little white fondant to the brown for the pencil point color.

Rolled and cut the brown with the tip of the pencil cookie cutter.

Using a scalloped cutter, cut the top of the brown fondant.

Using a lined impression mat, rolled the white fondant.

Brushed the white fondant with the silver shimmer dust .

Measured and cut the white fondant in rectangles for the silver band of the pencil.

Rolled and cut the black fondant with the pencil tip cookie cutter, then trimmed at the top.

Place the black tip on the pencil tip.

Now all your fondant pieces are ready to place on the frosted cookie.

But of course you have to frost it first.

Pipe one strip down the middle.

Then another strip on each side.

Clean the edges with a spatula and add the fondant pieces!

It even writes!!

Just Kidding...But after all that work it should!

And I added a Tag - Printable HERE

Each day this week I'll be featuring some fun "Back To" or "After" School Treats!

So...Pencil Me In!


  1. I want one and I don't want to write with it! ;)

    "if you've got it then "fondant" it!" You crack me up!! I love it!!!! :)

  2. These are the most detailed pencil cookies I've seen. Your fondant work on them is wonderful.

    1. Sometimes fondant and I don't get along - this time it worked! Thanks for the comment!

  3. okay, these are amazing. almost to cute to eat. any teacher would love getting this treat from their student. over the top again. from,twobeautifulgirls

  4. These are so life-like! It would be so cute to make a bunch of them and package them in a little plastic pencil box. You have such amazing ideas!!

    1. I'll start looking for a pencil box immediately! :)

  5. Hi Wendy! Thanks for the comment and the share on facebook!

  6. I love these! You designed them beautifully, the proportions on the pencil are just right, and the details are wonderful!

  7. These are fabulously cute! LOVE them! Thanks for linking up!

  8. Okay those just came out to awesome! What a great treat for the kids or to give to the teacher! I would love for you to share this on our made for or by kids linky

    1. Thanks so much! I'll have to share on your linky party.

  9. Very nice cookies!! I would like to share your idea in my blog (in Spanish). Obviously, I'll mention you. Thanks a lot for sharing this.

  10. Hi!
    Love these. Did you provide the tag by chance? 😊

    1. Hi Melissa, yes, I do have the printable of the tag on this link:
      The link right above the pencil template, hope you can find it and it works for you!


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