The Partiologist: Blood Drops!

Blood Drops!


Really, I promise, I've never done anything gory for Halloween.  Usually, it's all cutsie, pumpkins and candy corn.  Remember the CANDY CORN?  For some reason I am coming up with a few gory treats.  Not too gory though.  It started with a punch.  A Drippy Bloody Punch.  And it made me do gory stuff like this...

Bloody Cupcakes

Make cinnamon candy and break into pieces.
After frosting the cupcake, I piped red Wilton gel on the top in drips.
Added a piece of cinnamon candy and placed the cupcake in a black cupcake paper.

After the cupcakes were stabbed by the shards of blood, I caught the droplets in a couple other forms. 
Blood Drop Cookies~
And Blood Drop Candy...
Now here's where the punch came into the picture.
I created toppers for my cookie bags.
And my candy bags.
Here's a quick look at the process.

This time I frosted the cookies with a royal icing.  I really liked making them!

Then I made the hard candy, using this RECIPE.

Add red food color.

Printed and punched the tag.

Added the cookies and candy to the bags and attached the topper.

 Now something to wash it down...

Drizzle red Wilton piping gel around the top of each glass, letting it drip down the side and fill with milk.

All of this because of a bloody punch! 


  1. This is right up my alley - I love all of these gruesome ideas!! :) Cute is good too, but these are awesome!

    1. Whew, I was a little worried it might be too gory! :)

  2. This is the kind of gory I can really enjoy! Great ideas.

  3. What great ideas for a dark side party. Not too gory at all, still leaves a lot for the imagination. Love the blood drop cookies and milk. from,twobeautifulgirls

  4. Cool, just so cool. I am going to make those blood drop cookies for our Zombie themed Halloween party. Where on earth did you find that punch? I want one, no I need one, I absolutely have to have one!!!!!

    1. O.K., I just found one on Amazon and ordered it. Can't wait to use it.

    2. I just found one for you too - but you beat me to it!

    3. I'm so happy for you both to have this fabulous puncher. So who would like to share where to find it and what it's called.... Would they know what I mean if I say "fabulous puncher"? I think it would be good for multi purposes. Big thanks to anyone who can help.


  5. Hehehe - I love the stabbed cupcakes at the top!

  6. Ahhhhhhhhh! The wonderful "Harimon" cinnamon candy! Such memories! What a wonderful use of this traditional candy for a little something different for Halloween! LOVE IT!!!


  7. You're bloody right I love these gruesome, gory treats!!! Fantastic ideas, Kim!!!

    1. A girls got to love a bloody treat now and then!! :)


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