The Partiologist: Puttin' On The Witch!

Puttin' On The Witch!

Are you ready to get into a little Witchief?
Witches and Broomsticks and Hats...Oh My! 

Witch Hat Cake Pops!

Yep, it's a Cauldron of Witch Hat Cake Pops.
Do you want to make some?
Okay, I thought you did so here's the how to~
First of all, you need to make your favorite cake pop mixture. 
Of course mine is chocolate.
Use Wilton Cones (which were made to form flowers).
 Press in the cake pop mixture.
Put them in the freezer for a few minutes and then pop out of the mold.
Now you can make your hat any color, the witch won't care. 
Put each hat on a stick and dip in the melted candy melts
Sprinkle with sanding sugar and prop up in Styrofoam.
Now to make the brim...
Roll out fondant in the same color as the hat.
Cut a little hole in the middle with a round piping tip.
This is where you will insert the cookie stick.
Brush with a little water and sprinkle with sanding sugar. 
Let the fondant set overnight or until it has hardened.
Pipe matching frosting around the hole on the brim.
Put the stick through the hole and press the bottom onto the cake pop.
Roll out black fondant and cut into strips.
Wrap the black strips around the hat and seal together in the back.
Cut out small squares of yellow fondant. 
Cut a teeny tiny square out of the middle for the buckle. 
(I made a little square cutter out of a tin pan)
 Place the buckle on the front of the hat and add stars.
So what do you think?  Are you "Puttin' On The Witch" Hat?
It's Wicked Fun!


  1. These are the BEST witch hat cake pops I've seen. You continue to amaze me!!!!

    1. And you are the BEST for leaving such a sweet comment! :)

  2. What a neat idea!

  3. These are too cute. Love the little star details!

  4. I see witch hats every where I go! They are so cute but yours are the cutest!!

  5. They couldn't be any more perfect! I know I keep saying that, but if the shoe fits....:)

  6. These are the cutest little witchy pops ever!!

  7. Super cute! And you make it look so easy!


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