The Partiologist: Christmas Card Cookie Project!

Christmas Card Cookie Project!

While I love receiving Christmas Cards, I am ashamed to say that I always have good intentions and then Christmas is over and I didn't get my cards sent out.  Usually it's because I feel the need to have a Christmas Letter attach the card and you all know my writing skills.  After receiving seven pages of a book worthy Christmas Letter, I reread my letter and it pretty much sounded like a fourth grader wrote it.  I was going to say fifth grader - but have you seen that show...?
What I can do is, make a Christmas Card Cookie.  In fact, a few years ago I came up with an idea that I thought would sweep the nation...sending cookies in place of cards.  I made several designs and listed them on my website...I'm still waiting for the sweep.

When HANIELA, my very VERY talented cookie taking...yummy food making friend asked me to participate in a Christmas Card project, I was in.  I received the prettiest sample Christmas Card in the mail and decided that would be the one I would turn into a cookie. 
With no letter attached!
Here is my 2012 Christmas Card Cookie!  Click on photo for more detail~

And The Beautiful Card~

I even had ribbon that matched, but decided to make an edible bow.  Here's part of the process~

Using Green Duff fondant I rolled and painted it with gold shimmer dust.  Then I cut out several leaves and placed them on parchment paper.  Took a small paintbrush and painted more gold on the leaves, this time using gold disco dust.   Drawing a card on paper, I placed the leaves to make sure I had enough, and then placed them on a curved drying sheet (any curved surface would work).  I then rolled out the Duff white (which is ivory in real life) painted with shimmer and cut out the size of the cookie.  Attached the ivory fondant to the cookie with butter cream and smoothed it out.   Then I started making the stems (no photo) with a clay gun.  Attached the stems, leaves and red candy to the cookie, added the bow and called it a day.  Or a week.

Now you've got to take the time to look at all the other amazing Christmas Card inspired Christmas Cookies, they are truly works of art! 

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Have a Swell NOEL!


  1. Your creation is beautiful and puts the actual card to shame. Merry Christmas!

  2. great idea!
    I love your card.
    I wish the photos of the other cookies were a bit larger, some are really difficult to work out

  3. Beautiful, Kim! I totally sent Christmas cookies instead of little cards last year - I just wrote a blog post about it!! I think it will sweep the nation yet!

  4. These are so incredible, the interpretation is amazing!! I feel like I know that card, too, it's a total classic :).

  5. I love Christams Holly decorations.
    This cookie is so beautiful.

  6. That cookies is simply stunning! Beautiful and perfect job!

  7. What a gorgeous cookie, Kim. I love elegant. And I love you, my friend. ♥ I'm glad we got to do this project together. Merry Christmas!

  8. What a beautiful cookie card! I wish I would receive that in the mail this Christmas!


  9. I'd love to get Christmas cards like that every year!

  10. BEAUTIFUL KIM! It was a lot of fun doing this project with you! :)

  11. A really beautiful cookie Kim, the details you add are always perfect you are so meticulous. Happy Holidays to you xox Marlyn

  12. Feel free to send me one! Beautiful!!!

  13. The work on this cookie card is just beautiful! I for one would take a box full of these and very proudly deliver them to friends and family. So nice to have been a part of this project with you :)

  14. gorgeous as usual kim! xx,m

  15. I LOVE this Kim! It is so elegant and sweet!! Love the shimmer!

  16. Kim, these cookies are so beautiful!
    Have a very merry Xmas

    Miriam & Estíbaliz

  17. Oh Kim! My jaw dropped on the floor when I saw this! Absolutely GORGEOUS! The most perfect Christmas card cookie! Loved getting to be in such great company in this challenge! Merry, Merry Christmas my dear friend!
    Maryann - Cookie Artisan

  18. Love the sweet elegance of these. You've captured the charm of that card perfectly. Beautiful!

  19. YOUR BLOG EATS MY COMMENTS AND IT MAKES ME MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was trying to tell you that one of my favorite things is the card your momma painted for me, I framed it.

    I was also trying to tell you how elegant and beautiful these are and that I love holly!

  20. Love the 3-D effect! Your leaves are so perfect, and your "card" is classic and elegant!

  21. Your really know how to rock the holly!! This is awesome!!

  22. This is awesome! Wow, it's gorgeous!

  23. Ohhhhh those shimmery leaves are SO PRETTY!!! And can I be honest with you? I have never once in my entire life had any intentions of sending Christmas Cards. I'll probably feel guilty about that someday....

  24. Kim, this is so beautiful and looks so much like the card. I love the matching colours and I love the red bow. Some great bloggers participating too.

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking


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