The Partiologist: Party of Pops!

Party of Pops!

What would a party be without cake pops?  I guess it would be a popless party and no one wants that.  The cake pops I went with were fun, funner and funnest.  I made a quick trip to the tree farm and came home with these...

Christmas Tree Cake Pops

Using the cake pop mold from My Little Cupcake~
Dip in green candy melts and let set.  Then I went back and piped more green candy melts on and sprinkled with nonpareils before they dried.  Next I made simple red cake pops with red sugar sprinkles.  Because this idea cake popped into my mind~
See how simple?  Add a little tag...I made one for you!

When you think of Santa, don't you think of a big red belly stuffed full of cookies?  I do, and after making THIS last year, I decided to keep it simple!

I hope you tell me they are cute.  Because I like cute.
I dipped the cake balls in red candy melts and added a black fondant belt and white fondant buckle.
 Just like I did the Mini Santa Cake.
I also made Mini Santa Belly Cake Pops~

And stuck them in a field of snow!

I had some pretty big boots to fill and I'd like to say I filled them with...
Jolly Pops!


  1. Great simple cake pop designs. I love the Rudolph noses with the added tags.

  2. I love the Santa belt! Thanks for the cute idea. Kathy

  3. These are all adorable. Love the Christmas Tree pops!

  4. EEK I love those Santa belly pops!!!!! Actually I love them all. :)

  5. Ahhhh - I want to make ALL of these! So flippin' adorable, Kim :)

  6. You always make everything so special! Not only the treats themselves, but, the display is always over-the-top awesome! LOVE IT! Cheeron!!!

  7. I agree with the above comment, you do make everything you post so very special. Your presentation is second to none! And your treats are always so divine and perfect. I'm digging that you went back and piped more of the green candy canes in swirls on the tree pops. That piping and the nonpareils sprinkles look exactly like tree lights - so perfect.

    The Rudolph noses look so simple and beautiful and I love those tags. And the Santa bellies made me giggle. Perfectly round, just like Santa will be after he's had all those treats that the kiddos leave out at ALL the houses around the world, heh! You're the cake pop queen Kim. Perfectly done again. *bows*

    Sweet 2 Eat Baking

  8. ADorable-----all of them!!!

  9. Just looking at your cake pops puts me in the Christmas spirit. I think eating them would really be even better!
    Thanks! Annette

  10. I wish I had some of your energy! Every detail and treat is perfect! What fun!


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