The Partiologist: Ginger's Bakery!

Ginger's Bakery!

By the time you're finished reading and viewing this post, you might be able to smell Gingerbread baking.  Who knew there were so many Gingerbread recipes?  I had a very hard time deciding which recipes to make, you might say I made more than a few, and I have more I want to make.

Ginger's Bakery

The backdrop was made using Styrofoam I saved from packing. I KNEW I would need it eventually! I covered it with shipping paper, added large red, white & green ric rac and buttons from Joann's.

Santa flew over to check out the spread~

Keeping the theme, I decked out the wine glasses~

With buttons and ric rac before filling them with Gingerbread Frappes!
Did you know they make Gingerbread Oreo's? 

They do.

And I dipped them in red Wilton Candy Melts. Using a mini cookie cutter, I cut and decorated a little gingerbread man out of fondant.

One of my favorites - Chocolate Kissed Ginger Bread Cookies!

Make them.  Package them.  Eat them.

I made the Gingerbread stickers and you can make them too!
Found the recipe from McCormick and switched the white chocolate kiss for a chocolate almond kiss.
 The oven was still on, so I made more...

Nothing like a gingerbread man with chocolate pants!

Ordered the cardboard tubes, wrapped and filled them with Chocolate Gingerbread Brownie Bites.

I'm not done yet...

Oh, these were good...gingerbread cupcakes...creamy maple frosting...YUM YUM as fast as you can!  I made cupcake wraps and added ric rac.

Found the recipe from Taste of Home

Last, but not least - Gingerbread Biscotti~

Bake.  Drizzle.  Sprinkle.  Package.  Dip.  Eat.
After getting everything together, I made the Labels for the bakery~


After a very long day of baking,

The elves did NOT help clean the mess...

Then Ginger Snapped!


  1. I'm wondering as I read each and every one of your posts and in awe, do you EVER sleep?? LOL Great job!

  2. You pack so many incredible ideas into each post - it is amazing!!

  3. I know you don't ever sleep! Yet another amazing spread of super creative sweet treats. WOW!!!!

  4. I want to run, run, as fast as I can to your gingerbread man party. Too cute!

  5. I am so excited for the Hershey Kiss cookies that do not have peanut butter in them! My grand daughter who is allergic to peanuts will love these! I have always felt bad that she couldn't eat a Hershey kiss cookie and now she can! Thank you! Everything else is wonderful too! I may have to try that biscotti is sounds amazing!

  6. I agree with Paula! I want to run, run as fast as I can to your party!! You are so creative!!!!

  7. I know you don't sleep much! I cannot believe the amount of work that is involved in these posts, but, I know you LOVE it!!! You never cease to amaze me! These gingerbread surprises are incredible! Merry Christmas!


  8. The ricrac and buttons are darling touches for holiday packaging!


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