The Partiologist: Jumping For Jelly Beans!

Jumping For Jelly Beans!

Jelly beans may or may not be one of my favorite candies, however, I love the look of them and love to decorate with them.  I even like to cookie them...

Jelly Bean Cookies

Quite simple to make since I found the perfect jelly bean cookie cutter.  Well, it isn't really a cookie cutter, it's a tin filled with Jelly Beans... only I saw a cookie cutter.  I've always used a flip flop cookie cutter in the past, but now I have the real deal. 
And to package them up, I found the perfect ribbon...Jelly Bean Ribbon!
Now on to another jelly bean treat.
 You'll be jumping for joy when you see how easy you can put them together!
1.  Print the Jelly Bean Tags on Card Stock.
2.  Punch out round or scalloped circles.
3.  Fill clear candy boxes with the jelly beans (same amount and color in each box).
4.  Cut the wrap and hot glue ribbon around box.
5.  Hot glue the jelly bean tag on the front of each box.
For more Jelly Bean Ideas - Take a look at JELLY BELLY ALLEY!
Thanks for BEAN my friend!


  1. Awesome cookie cutter! You are so smart!

  2. I don't eat jelly beans but I love the look and bright colours of them. Love your jelly-bean cookies (and the use of that lid). Perfect find that ribbon was :)

    1. Since they were Jelly Belly beans, I had to eat a few - just so I could start using the cutter! :)

  3. Love the Jellybean Cookies! Beautiful!!!


  4. JELLY BEANS!!! these are so awesome!
    i'm crazy about jelly beans and all the colors.
    thanks for BEAN so awesome too. LOL now I'm off to
    check out your jelly bean alley. have a jelly
    bean filled Easter :-)

    1. Thanks Lisa - They're kinda of like peeps for me - can't live without them around Easter! :)

  5. Yay for jelly beans!!


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