The Partiologist: Peeps In A Tub!

Peeps In A Tub!

With Easter just a few days away, I realized that I have not made anything with Peeps.  I may be the only one on the planet who has not transformed the peep this Easter, so I'm going to end that right now.  With Soap.  Yes, you read correct, as much as I love sweets, I decided to make something you can't eat.  And these little treats were quick and easy. 
Rub A Dub Dub...Five Peeps In A Tub!

And I'll admit, they were the easiest Easter treat of all! 
Take a Peep Inside...
1.  Pure Glycerin Soap. (Hobby Lobby)
2.  Silicone bunny mold. (Wal-Mart)
3.  Melt and color the soap then pour into bunny mold.
4.  Let set until the soap is hard and take out of the mold.
5.  Print the peeps printable on card stock. (From my Desk) 
6.  Punch with jumbo round cutter. (Michael's)
7.  Punch hole for ribbon. (Michael's)
8.  Fill up pretzel bag and tie with ribbon and tag.
Oh, I almost forgot...I made you a tag.  You're Welcome!
Peeps in a Tub - Well, right now they're in a bag...
it's up to you to get them in the tub!
Seriously, these are so super simple and I think the kids will love them.  Or even place in your very own powder room for all of your guests to enjoy!
Well, I'm still in a bit of shock, no sugar was involved while making this project.  I had better take care of that...
For Peeps Sake!


  1. How to make bath time more inviting during Easter/Spring! Love these peep soaps.

  2. AHHHH - PEEP soap!? You are so awesome, Kim!

  3. If I have time, I might just have to make some of these for in my bathroom this Easter.

  4. only the partiologist would come up with this great idea. from, twobeautifulgirls

  5. aw man you are flippin' awesome! thank YOU! :>D

  6. Those are adorable and they look good enough to eat, too!!!

    1. Thanks - they really do look like you could eat them!

  7. How cute is this! I have this mold as well, what a great use for this. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Mom on Timeout :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by - you'll be surprised how EASY these were to make!


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