The Partiologist: Cake Pups!

Cake Pups!

For those who haven't been following, I recently hosted a Dog Paw-Ty for my ceramic dog Maxine, we call her Max for short.  Yes, that's correct, she is ceramic!  And NO real dogs were allowed at this paw-ty.  I'm pretty sure you can't have a dog paw-ty without having Cake Pups, right?  So I did my best to create something I thought Maxine and her guests would enjoy. 

A Cake Pup for Everyone!
She enjoyed the day outside of her cute little dog house. 

Make your favorite cake pop recipe and roll into balls.
Add sticks to each cake pop.
Dip into Merkens white candy melts (they melt nicely and are a bright white).

Get ready to decorate!
Who Let the Dogs Out? 
Unfortunately, the song was playing when the guests arrived.  :)
And their were a lot of details!
Let's get ready to DECORATE!
 Roll and cut teardrop shapes from black fondant.
Two for each cake pup.
Place black ear on foam and press with Wilton ball roller to make the shape.
Next, roll out more black fondant and cut small hearts. (Nose)
One for each cake pup.
Use the top of the grass pastry tip and press little whiskers in the nose~
Now it's time to make the little tongues~
Roll and cut teardrop shapes from red fondant.
One for each pup.
Press down the middle of each tongue to shape.
 Time to assemble the pup!
Make your twelve cake pops pups.
Dip each cake pup in melted white candy melts. 
Add a red gummy lifesaver for collar.
Add a dot of frosting and attach the eyes.
Add another dot and attach the nose, add dot to top of nose.
Add a black sixlet and pipe a little frosting under the nose.
Add the tongue under the nose.
Add a couple more dots of frosting and add the ears.
Finish by piping white frosting with the grass tip for fur. 
And since Max is a girly dog, I added a red fondant bow.
All ready for the PAW-TY~
 Can you here them barking?
Thanks Lisa for letting me share today!
The "PAW"tiologist


  1. Sooo Cute!! The detail in these is just wonderful!

    1. Thank you Paula - and there was ALOT of detail! :)

  2. Your dog stuff is killing me with cuteness. I think I am going to buy a puppy after these posts. LOL

  3. Adorable. Every detail is really spot on!

    1. Thanks Beth - like I said, "It's all in the detail!"!

  4. Oh, haha, cake pups! I love it!! :) The hair and the bow is hilarious!

  5. So adorable! Even my pups would love to eat these!

    1. You could have a puppy party and have real puppies! :)

  6. So adorable!! I love the little fence around the puppy pop platter (say that 5 times fast).

    1. Puppy Pop Platter,Puppy Pop Platter,Puppy Pop Platter,Puppy Pop Platter,Puppy Pop Platter...that was tricky! :)

  7. I love the photo that points out all the details! My favorites are the collar and the whiskers! : )

    1. I didn't want anyone to miss the detail - thanks!


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