The Partiologist: Dog PAW-TY!


I do hope you enjoyed the Elegant Bridal Shower because the next party I have planned is anything but elegant.  I don't know why, I really wanted to have a dog party.  Only, I don't have a dog, but...Mable and Molly do.  And I thought it was only fair that since I had a birthday party for Mable and Molly, I should have a party for their dog, Max (short for Maxine) and she is ceramic.

Happy Birthday Max!

She's not too happy about the party hat.
Or the leash.
She gets happier the day of her PAW-TY!

Needing the perfect invitation, I made them~
Added the information on the back...
It was a large invitation, so I needed a large envelope~
And wouldn't you know, Max walked across the envelope while I was making them...
So how would you like to BOW WOW your guests by having a Dog themed Paw-Ty and send them a  little big invite?  
(You might even have a real dog to celebrate with!) 
Here's how I made them~
Start with a 12"x12" piece of hounds tooth card stock.
Fold the opposite points together forming a triangle.
Take the two outside points and fold down.
Make sure the top point is in the center.
Fold back the bottom point and hot glue.
Fold back the top point and hot glue.
Now you need to get a few supplies~
For the collar I used sparkly cake accents on a roll.
Googly eyes.
Metal jewelry charms.
Black Pom Poms for the nose.
Black contact paper.
Alphabet punch.
Punch your dog's monogram out of the black contact paper.
Peel off the backing and stick to the charm.
Measure the bottom of your invitations.
Cut black card stock and jewel trim to fit.
 Glue to the back of the invitation.
Time to Make the Dog Collar!
Cut red ribbon to fit around the entire piece of card stock.
String one dog tag on the ribbon.
Bling it up with a few gemstones.
Glue them on the ribbon with glue dots.
Attach to the Black Bling Dog Collar ~ (Say that Five Times!)
Now, what I thought would be simple...was not.
Trying to get the invitation to fit on the back of the dog was not fun. 
I finally got it, but it was trouble...a lot of trouble.
This is when I questioned my sanity.
Now for the envelope~
Really, how hard can it be? 
Looking for right size envelope - 2 days.
Trying to remember where I saw the paw roller - 7 hours.
Painting the paw roller and rolling across the envelope - 2 hours.
Stacking the wet envelopes on top on one another...
It was a good thing...I bought an extra pack of envelopes and started all Rover over.  Now that I think about it, I'm sure you could find cute invitations online.

I've Had a Ruff Day!


  1. OMG, this is waaaay to cute! Cheryl

  2. Your invitations were worth every bit of effort you put into them. They are paw-sitively adorable.

  3. Haha, a puppy party, I love it! :)

    1. Ha ha is right, a puppy party for a ceramic dog!

  4. I don't have a dog...I guess I really don't want to dog...BUT I do want to have a puppy party after seeing the invitations. These are adorable!
    I also have a ceramic you never know!

    You're the Best!

  5. I want to go to a doggy pawty!!! I have two chihuahuas that would love to come, too! Your invites are adorable, thanks for linking!

    1. I had friends that thought they were really supposed to bring their dogs! :)

  6. This party sounds like it's going to be hoot! I love your invitations and the "Pawty" is very, very clever.

    1. It really was a hoot - and so fun making the doggy treats!

  7. I have a pup and I'd totally throw a paw-ty for him after seeing this! (BTW, Maxine looks so well behaved. How do you do it?)

    1. Thanks Mike, Maxine has always been so well behaved - maybe it's because of all the times I spent dusting her head!

  8. this is super cute I host a FURRY FRIENDS FRIDAY blog hop would love it if you came and linked up sometime

  9. Only the partiologist could make a puppy paw-ty invitation this cute. Honestly, I think they are the most amazing invitations I have ever seen. from,twobeautifulgirls

  10. Oh boy, this is going to be a fun paw-ty!!! I haven't had a chance to sit down and read your blog in a while, but today's the day to catch up. Can't wait!

    1. Hope you have lots of time, as I have lots of party!!

  11. I've just discovered your doggy posts today, have posted several comments and now realize Maxine is ceramic. How funny. You sure sound like you have a real dog by all your doggy puns. Maybe you should get a dog - nah....they would be getting into your crafting (by walking across stuff, etc.). You stick with all your wonderful doggy themed parties and the rest of us will benefit from your great ideas. I just put in new sod (90 degree weather) and immediately Twister threw his body down on it, rolled around, kicked up his heels and the sod went everywhere. :)

    We love him anyway and your doggy themed goodies remind us of how wonderful it is to have our furry friends. You're dusting Maxine - I'm brushing dirt out Twister's hair from his romp in the new sod.

    Your invitation is great and will bring a smile to recipients' faces. Of course you had to remind people NOT to bring their dogs - that was funny. We dog people think they're human.

    Loved the comment - "how hard can it be?" Lots of times just finding the "ingredients" to make things is the most time consuming. As you said - WHERE did I see that paw roller (7 hrs), finding the right envelope - 2 days. It's funny because we can all relate.

    Thanks for the great ideas AND the laughs.

    Tavette - Twister's mom - S. Florida

    1. I'm so happy you found my blog and dog themed party. It sounds like you love your doggy and will someday have a paw-ty for him! Sorry about the sod! LOL Thank you again for taking the time to leave so many sweet comments!

  12. Hi,
    Did you make the invitations with the words? I didn't see the instructions on how to make them. We are having a Yappy Hour and the invitation would be perfect!!!

    1. How fun - a Yappy Hour!! Yes, I did make the part of the invitation with the wording by designing and printing it out on cardstock. It took me several attempts to get it to fit the back of the invitation. The red paw print at the top is another piece I glued to the top. Hope this helps!


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