The Partiologist: WIPE YOUR PAWS!


I hoped my guests didn't think this greeting was too rude.  I thought it was the only way to welcome all of Maxine's friends and they loved it! 


 I made the letters with my Cricut and black sticker paper.

And with the help of Max, I made the paw prints!

I stamped one paw, held my breath and made sure it would wash off.  WHEW, it did.  I used a small foam paw print stamp, painted it with black washable acrylic paint and stamped away!
Since Max is ceramic, she is very well behaved and won Best of Show - not an easy award to achieve!!  I decided to have a Kennel Club Cocktail with decorated stemware to celebrate her award!

I made the Best of Show Ribbon with card stock and my Cricut.
It. Took. Forever.

The sign on the backdrop was very simple to make with a printer and cardstock.

The award ribbon for the glasses were easy too.  Just print, punch and glue on a larger black circle.  Cut strips of paper for the ribbon and fold in half.  I won't even go into how I got the little points.
No one in their right mind would do this.

After making the ribbons, I added them to each glass with a dot of hot glue.

Some dogs are not as well behaved, so this is what they had to drink~


Are the dog bandanas the cutest???  I found them at Joann's and picked up a couple, again not knowing what I would use them for, but I found a way!

I tied on little paw print charms to the stem of each mini margarita glass.

That's all for today, I don't want you or Max to get worn out before the Paw-Ty!  I've got so many things to share, you'll be hearing from me soon, so stay tuned... I'm Paw-sitive you'll LOVE it! 

It Involves Cake and Ears and it's Doggylicious!

 Good Dog!


  1. Gah, this party is so freakin cute!! :)

    1. Don't you mean grrr? :) That's my best dog voice!

  2. Oh I would so go there, with all that the ribbons entailed that is. So many great details. The grass,the ribbons, charms and dog bowls.All so cute.

    1. Thank you Tiffany - you know what I mean about the details!

  3. Can't put into words how over the top adorable this party is. Just amazing!!!! No detail is missed. Can't wait to see the rest. from,twobeautifulgirls

  4. How cute and fun!! Gotta wipe those doggie paws!! I just wanted to say Thank You for linking up on ShareAtopia! If you'd like a featured button for your blog, you can get one here: Thanks again, and I love to have you link up anytime!

    1. Thanks Michelle! Don't worry - I might be linking up more than you want! :)


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