The Partiologist: Simple Santa Sweets!

Simple Santa Sweets!

I'm thinking you just might be busy preparing for Thanksgiving and wondered if you're
 ready for a couple simple treats?   Or are you ready for a Christmas Party?  Before I get carried away with the Christmas party, I want to share with you these Simple Santa Sweets. 

No need to do any black Friday shopping for these...the Santa topper came from the dollar store!
When I saw them hanging, I thought they could be cute candy toppers.  Whatcha think?

I have them glued on the lids of empty plastic Crystal Light containers. 
You know, I repurpose just about everything I possibly can, so this is what I did.
Picked out three Santa's from the Dollar Store.  
Filled my empty Crystal Light containers with gumballs and chocolates from SWEETWORKS!
  Sweet, right?
Perfect for any little girl or boy, young or old!
The next Simple Santa Sweet, is even sweeter because it's all chocolate and easy to bag and tag!
Cute foil wrapped chocolate Santa's from SWEETWORKS~
Tag Printable from ME~ HO HO HO PRINTABLE
I glued a Santa on each tag and then tied them to the bag full of the chocolate Santa's.
I am so thankful for each and every one of you who visit my blog, it truly brings a smile to my face and I mean that from the bottom of my heart!
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. These really are simple santa sweets - thank you for sharing! Off to the dollar store I go!

    1. Isn't it great that you beat the Friday shoppers?? :)

  2. HOHOHO! that's what these treats do to me! so dag gone cute! :)

  3. Awesome ideas, I love your HO HO HO printables! They look so cute with the chocolate Santa on them!

  4. I am always late to the party. My Dollar Tree didn't have any of these :( I guess everyone saw your post and wipped them out.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I think it's the season for being late to the party, right? Glad you're here, better late then never! :)

  5. Great find on those santa heads!

    1. Yea - a dollar! I had to reshape the hat a little, then all was good! :)


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