The Partiologist: Gold Cinnamon Candy & More!

Gold Cinnamon Candy & More!

What's sparkly and gold and not made with a mold?  Yes, today I'm showing you several easy sparkly Christmas mold needed!  Every year I make cinnamon candy at Christmas and because I was having a golden themed Christmas party, I decided to make gold cinnamon candy!

Gold Cinnamon Candy!

Would you believe that the easiest candy I made were my favorites? 

With the added edible stars, glitter and sugar crystals the candy fit right in with my party! 

And you'll love seeing how easy it was to make!

 As soon as I poured the candy in my pan, I sprinkled edible gold glitter, gold stars and gold sugar sprinkles.  Cinnamon Candy Recipe Below~

Another way to dress up the Christmas candy buffet is with Sixlets...It's not a party unless you have Sixlets!

 Package in any sweet bag and they're ready to give.  Or leave them in a candy jar and have your guests scoop some out for themselves!

Wanting to keep it simple, I dipped Oreo's in chocolate and topped with a snowflake I cut out of Duff Fondant and added a gold dragee to the middle.

 How about sparkly and gold AND made with a mold?

 Starry Nite Brownie Bites!

 And yes, I hand painted the trees and added the gold stars.  Here's where the mold came in...

 I had all the stars placed perfectly on the chocolate and when I moved them to the brownie bite, I messed them up.  The brownie bites were surrounded by Homemade Caramel Crunch boxed in gold and wrapped with starry cellophane and gold wire pearls!

Right below more paper flowers.

In their very own little corner.

Gold Cinnamon Candy

by The Partiologist

2 cups sugar
2/3 cups light corn syrup
3/4 cup water
1 dram (1 teaspoon) cinnamon flavoring
In a large saucepan, mix together sugar, corn syrup and water. Stir over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Bring mixture to a boil without stirring. Remove from heat at 300 degrees F. Add flavoring and stir. Pour syrup into lightly oiled cookie sheet.
If desired, immediately sprinkle with edible gold stars, coarse gold sugar and edible gold glitter.
After the candy has hardened, break into small pieces.

All that Glitters...
is GOLD!


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS Kim. Those trees are a work of art and your candy looks divine. Am excited to try making it!! Thanks for another GREAT post!!

    1. Thank you Nann - I hope you love the candy and much as we did! :)

  2. Everything is so sparkly and pretty. Adding gold stars and sugar to the hard candy is such a wonderfully simply idea and the finished candy is really beautiful. You always display your sweets in such a fun way and these displays are so elegant. I'm sure your party guests were wowed. I know I am.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    1. Not only everything in my house was sparkly, I'm still finding gold glitter on me! LOL

  3. everything Beth said above---DITTO!!!! :)

  4. Just stunning! People in your neighbourhood must be on their hands and knees praying for an invitation to one of your parties!

    1. So funny, one of the prettiest treats was also the easiest!

  5. I'm loving these gold treats! :)

    1. I only have one piece of cinnamon candy left - maybe I'll have it for breakfast!


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