The Partiologist: Chocolate Pecan Carmel Cups!

Chocolate Pecan Carmel Cups!

Question:  What's better then giving a gift of chocolate? 

Answer:  Giving a gift of Chocolate Pecan Carmel Cups! 
Chocolate Caramel Cups

QUICK...Package them up before you eat them all yourself~
A clear candy box makes them pretty sweet!

And give them to someone you love!

Or do you want just one BIG Chocolate Pecan Caramel Cup?
With candy heart sprinkles?  Oh yes, that makes it even sweeter!
One big chocolate surprise, packaged in a clear cupcake container, tied with a bouquet of five ribbons! 

Five reasons to keep me from eating it!

And I have a sweet little tutorial to show you how.
 Round up small cupcake papers and fill a mini cupcake pan.

You also need, chocolate chips, pecans and caramel.

Buy the chocolate chips and pecans.

Make the caramel!


(I do give you permission to buy the caramel too)

Fill the bottom of the paper cup with chocolate and add chopped pecans.
 Top the pecans with homemade caramel.

Top the caramel with more melted chocolate.

Add sprinkles if desired.  I desired.
Or, make one BIG Chocolate Pecan Caramel Cup~
Put all your love in one cup...

And give it to your Grandma who is 102.

Now that's Sweet!


  1. Chocolate, pecans and caramel!! All the things I love in one bite! Thanks for sharing:)

  2. This is my favorite chocolate combination in the world and I think I can actually make these!!! But, would it be bad if I made them for myself for Valentine's??? Hummmm! from, twobeautifulgirls

    1. It would not be bad at all, as long as you made one for me too! :)

  3. i'll take 200 of these please. i'd ask for more but i'm on a diet.

  4. BEAUTIFUL! And, my favorites are included - chocolate and pecans!


  5. These sound amazing! How about a little orange and blue sprinkles and take them to a super bowl party tomorrow!!!

    1. Perfect for a super bowl party...why didn't I think of that?? :)

  6. Such a great idea, Kim. I LOVE those chocolate Turtles treats, so I'm a big fan of the chocolate, pecan, caramel combo. Your packaging ideas are stellar!

    1. Thanks Mike - it was pretty hard to package them all up and not start eating them!

  7. Chocolate turtles are my FAV!! I can't wait to try these. TFS

    1. Now you can have chocolate turtles even when you're snowed in since you can make them yourself!


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