The Partiologist: Super Hero Valentine Cake Pops!

Super Hero Valentine Cake Pops!

After seeing super hero valentine suckers flying through the air, capturing the hearts of heroes everywhere, I made them a little sweeter. Cake Pop Sweeter. 

Valentine...You're My Super Hero!

Super Hero Cake Pops!

Oh yes, they'll fight for your love.

Because they are wearing capes.  Capes with super power.
How do I know the capes have super power? 
Because I didn't eat any and that takes a super power.
Really, these are quite simple to make, are you feeling it?  The Super Power?
 Mix up the cake pop mixture and dip the lollipop stick in a bit of red melted candy melts, then into the cake pop.  (Not shown - dip the entire cake pop in red melted candy melts.)
While the cake pops are drying, we'll make his mask by cutting long strips of black fondant.
Three key tools - Royal Icing Eyes, OXO Rolling Mincer, Fondant Roller

 Roll out a long piece of black fondant.
Cut into long strips with the Rolling Mincer.
Add the royal icing eyes (brush the back of the eyes with water).
Wrap the black fondant strip around the cake pop and seal in the back.
Now we must add his cape.
Print and cut the cape.  Using it as an outline, trace and cut black capes from card stock.
Print the Valentine Super Hero on red card stock and cut with Valentine Punch.
Punch a small hole at the top of the cape and fold down.
Glue the red heart on the cape.
Slide the cape on the cake pop and cover the stick with a heart straw.
(Just don't slide the straw on upside down!)
You're Done!
Now isn't that SUPER?
For less work, print the entire cape on white cardstock.
If you don't mind the white showing from the front.
Now they're ready to capture your heart!
It's Love at First Bite!


  1. Oh my goodness I love those little super hero masks :)

  2. and BAM! these stole my heart just like that :)

  3. Great tutorial! These cute little guys are awesome! : )

  4. You are my super hero of creative treats!

  5. The kids would go nuts for these, they turned out so adorable!

  6. I have two little grandsons who would absolutely LOVE these! They are so cute and fun! Great usual!

  7. BAM is right! These are exploding with cuteness!! LOVE!


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