The Partiologist: Edible Cookie Card!

Edible Cookie Card!

Today, I'm sharing an idea I had several years ago, they were a hit with my business and I'm sure they will be a hit with yours!  Edible Cookie Cards!
"OWL" You Need is LOVE!

This is a large cookie - 5" x 7" and is covered in fondant. 

Of course, use any decorating medium you wish. To make the cookie card, start by baking your favorite sugar cookie recipe.

This is a cutter from a gingerbread house cookie cutter set. 
You may also measure out a 5" x 7" cookie and bake.  Be sure to bake it long enough!

Next I rolled blue and white fondant together to get the sky and cut it to fit the cookie.
I made the tree branch out of fondant with a mold from Martha Stewart. 
Add the branch with royal icing.

Roll out red fondant and cut a small owl, with the owl cutter or use an oval cutter and cut out a notch in the top. 
Roll out white fondant and cut small hearts and circles.
Cut out ovals from black fondant and using the tip of a #2 decorating round tip, cut out small circles for the center of the eyes.
Sorry for the dark photos, by this time the sun has gone down and I don't have my natural sunlight. 

With one of the ovals, cut it in half leaving a small portion of the oval. 

I also made a teensy weensy pink bow with a teensy weensy bow mold!
Cut out the wings from embossed pink fondant and add to the sides of the owl.

After the owls are decorated, sit them on the branch. 
Add all the additional hearts to the branches with a tiny bit of royal icing.
 Now it's ready to package and send.  The large cello bags from Hobby Lobby fit perfect. 
Slide the cookie in the bag and seal with a printable tag to match your cookie. 
I love to make printable tags to go along with my cookies using blank templates with AVERY.
Place your cookie card inside a bubble wrap bag, wrap around the cookie and seal.
Pick up FREE boxes from the post office and insert your cookie inside the box.

 Seal the box and your ready to ship. 

You don't even need to leave the house, just print your postage using click and ship from the U.S. Post Office, then put the cookie in the mail box!  Here's How~
Go to USPS and register. 
Click on:  Ship a Package
 Print a Label with Postage
Select Destination
Print a Shipping Label Now
After you have printed out your shipping label, cut off the address half and tape to the front of your box.
It's a fixed rate and ships within three business days (unless during the Holidays). 
So why not... Send a cookie instead of a card?? 
Here are other cookie card ideas from my past...
Any Occasion is POSSIBLE!


  1. O.K., now I can't get The Beatles song out of my head. These owls are adorable. I love the one that is winking:)

    1. Thanks Beth - Just be happy the song you're hearing isn't me singing! :)

  2. Congratulations on being a contributor to Elizabeth's new blog! Love your Edible card :) Best wishes to you, Elizabeth and all the contributors for much success with Bake It Up A Notch.

  3. How cute is this! What a fun idea! I love it. Thank you for sharing!
    Sheena @

  4. I love this, will be sure to make these for Valentine's Day.


  5. Oh my goodness, how adorable!!!! I love this!!!!

  6. I totally want this card! It is a hoot!!


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