The Partiologist: Sledding Snowman S'mores!

Sledding Snowman S'mores!

Living in Colorado, I do enjoy the snow.  From the inside.  Like, I love to look at it through the window...but play in the snow?  Not so much, I don't like to be cold.  But I do like to play in fake snow!  While shopping for Christmas treasures on clearance I found Snowman Peeps and Candy Canes... that's when I decided to make Sledding Snowman S'mores!
Snowman S'mores
I'm not sure where these little Snowmen Peeps went sledding, although I did hear they were in Aspen, along with all the other celebrity Peeps.  Now you can go sledding too!
Sky View~
Find a package of Snowman Peeps - or any other Peep you think would enjoy sledding~

I found my snowman peeps on clearance at Joann Fabrics. 
You may even have Candy Canes on hand~
I picked them up at the Dollar Store for 25 cents.
I always have chocolate on my pantry shelf~
And Graham Crackers~
Now lets get started~
Cut the Graham Crackers in half. 

Use a knife instead of breaking so you get a clean cut.
Also, cut the Hershey bars in half~
Glue the chocolate to the graham with melted chocolate as glue~
Just enough to hold it together to make the sandwich~

Unwrap your candy canes~

Add melted chocolate to one candy cane~
Place one graham/chocolate sandwich on the chocolate~
Use another candy cane (without any chocolate) to prop up the other side. 

Then add chocolate to a candy cane and place on the other side~
Now your sled is ready for the snowman peep.
My peeps were a little lop sided, so I trimmed the bottom off with a knife~
Add a little more melted chocolate to the bottom of the snowman~
Set him on the sled~
Now they're ready to hit the slopes.
Yep, they went to Aspen!
Lots of fresh powder and what fun they had! 

After coming off the slopes cold and a bit wet, I made something special to warm them up. 
Apr├Ęs Ski Anyone?


  1. Your pictures turned out great. The winter wonderland you created is so pretty and your skiing snowmen look perfect in it.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

    1. Thanks Beth - nothing like a winter wonderland out of a bag! :)

  2. One day left on winter break and I even have the stuff on just made the kids very happy! Cheryl

  3. I agree. One more day of break my girls would LOVE to take a big bite out of one of those. ADORABLE!!!! from,twobeautifulgirls

  4. Very cute treat and adorable pictures.

  5. I'm a Peeps addict, but I haven't seen these yet.. but I can't wait to find them! I'm loving your adorable sleds!

    Rose @

  6. how cute. so fun for a january treat :)

    1. Thank you for your comment Angela, I'm so happy you stopped by!

  7. So cute!! How nice of you to have hot cocoa waiting for them when they came home from sledding :)

    1. What I had waiting was even better then cocoa!! :)

  8. Snow much fun! I love them Kim. Now I want S' Mores but I am trapped by snow and ice. I am adding them to my shopping list. ;)

    1. Maybe you can sled down the mountain on candy canes and get supplies?? :)

  9. This idea just makes me happy!!! Thanks for sharing!

  10. hey i like your step by step tutes Kim! these little snowmen make me giggle. i wish i woulda had a s'more sled growing up! no wait a sec, it wouldn't of lasted :)

    1. Thanks Lisa - I don't think it would have lasted if I had one as a kid either! :)


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