The Partiologist: Mini Easter Cakes!

Mini Easter Cakes!

I think I've done it.  I've come up with the ideal Easter basket...not only can you fill it with chocolate, you can eat it.  Because it's a mini Easter Basket Cake filled with a little chocolate bunny.  How cute would these look at each place setting?  VERY.

Mini Easter Cakes

Cuteness Overload.

Can you tell I am very excited that they turned out? 
There may have been another basket, but while decorating, it smelled so good, I ate it. 
But it really worked out for the best, because I didn't have another color of pipe cleaner for the handle. 
Notice the little Easter Eggs?
Chocolate covered sunflower seeds did the trick.
Here's the way to get started~
Start with a cake mix or your favorite cake recipe.
I used my mini basket cake pan from Wilton.
Spray each cavity with Pam or Bakers Joy.
Filled a little over half full and baked 15 minutes at 350 degrees.
After they're out of the oven, flip over on wax paper.
Let cool.
Place each cake on an individual piece of parchment paper.
 Practice making the basket weave pattern on parchment paper with buttercream frosting.
Start by piping one straight vertical line.
Add three horizontal lines.
At the end of the horizontal lines, add another vertical line.
Okay, you get the idea.
Now it's time to pipe the basket weave pattern on the little cake.
Do it just like you did on the parchment paper.
After you have frosted around the cake, place cake in the freezer.
Continue frosting each additional cake in any color you would like.
As long as they're pretty colors.
While the cakes are freezing, get the bunnies ready for the cake.
The small Niagara Chocolate bunnies came individually packaged, so I opened each package and added a little more detail. Like little bows and royal icing eyes. 
You can find the chocolate bunnies at Joann Fabrics or HERE.
Take a cake out of the freezer one at a time.
Peel the parchment off the cake and place the cake small side down on a serving plate.
Using a #234 Wilton grass tip, pipe green grass until the basket it covered.
At this point, I'm lovin' it!
I made the baskets in all the colors of pipe cleaners I had.
Add a bunny and insert a pipe cleaner into the grass of the basket for the handle.
Sprinkle chocolate covered sunflower seeds on the grass for the eggs.
Basket's + Bunnies =



  1. OH MY STARTS these are the CUTEST BASKETS I have ever SEEN!!!! I seriously adore thiese! Pinning now!

    1. You are making the start to my day awesome! Thanks for pinning!

  2. These are absolutely adorable!! Everything about them is perfect!

  3. bunnies+baskets+everything you do=LOVE!

  4. ADORABLE! It was such a smart idea to use the sunflower seeds as tiny eggs!

  5. Beautiful, as always! Did you use the same frosting that you use for your cookies(one of my favorites,btw)?

  6. So adorable just like you!

    1. Aww, you're the sweetest, thanks for stopping by! :)

  7. Those are beautiful and look like they were A LOT of work. It just amazes me how much work you put into all your projects. from,twobeautifulgirls


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