The Partiologist: Easter Cupcakes!

Easter Cupcakes!

After posting the edible Easter Basket Cakes, I hope you're not disappointed today.  It's a simple white cupcake, but with a couple added touches it goes from simple to SWEET!

Easter Cupcakes
Add a cupcake wrapper with matching sprinkles and you've got sweet!

Easter's a week away and I have already eaten my weight in chocolate bunnies. 
Well, maybe not quite that much but it seems like it. 
So making anything but chocolate sounded really good.
It pretty basic as for the tutorial.  Bake a cupcake, plop it in a wrapper, frost and sprinkle.
Who says this blog isn't educational?
And now for the real lesson. 
Finding cupcake wrappers and sprinkles that match, yes I checked and they are perfect for each other, you would think they came as a matching set, right?  Nope. 
I searched at least four isles before I found both the cupcake wrappers and sprinkles. 
And where might you ask did I find them? 
Well, I was on vacation in Palm Springs, CA and I found a 99 cent grocery store. 
NOT just a 99 cent store, but a full on grocery store.  I HAD TO GO. 
I was living on the edge, being on vacation and all! 
Are you ready for another simple Easter Treat? 
Let's hop to it...I promise I won't mention the word hop for the rest of the week.
Filled with Sixlets and Niagara Chocolate foil covered chocolate eggs~
And a bunny or two!  You'll be happy to know I found the adorable little bunny boxes at the Dollar Store. 
Just fill 'em up and you're pretty sure to make some bunny happy!
Nothin' But Cute!


  1. You did not disappoint at all! Cheryl

  2. There's a joy in simplicity !!
    And I've never been known to turn down a cupcake

  3. Would love the frosting recipe, it looks devine!!! from,twobeautifulgirls

  4. The cupcake wrappers and sprinkles go perfect together!!

    1. Well, would you guess that I planned it that way??? :)

  5. Replies
    1. I don't know why, I just love finding treasures there!

  6. goodness you could go to any store and make something cute out of it! good for you to find a dollar store goodie! :)
    ps (now i want one of your cupcakes...)

  7. I have NEVER been disappointed in anything you've done! The simple ones are the best for me, the Non-creative, decorator-challenged friend, remember??? LOL! ;)


    1. Of course you could do these or any of my projects! :)

  8. So cute! I'm sure I will be craving cupcakes all day today! Fun idea!


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