The Partiologist: Spa Party Facial!

Spa Party Facial!

You can't have a spa party without getting a facial, right?

Spa Facial Favors!

The packs have everything needed.
Face Lotion
Face Wash
Head Band
Facial Scrubber
All in the perfect spa colors.
I used small round bead containers and filled them with sea breeze facial lotion and wash. 
Added the facial scrubber, headband and made labels for each container.
Also, a tag for each of the girls.
I almost forgot the last two treats for the spa.
Along with the cute box were cute bags.
And now treats.

 Popcorn Treats
When I got the bags, I thought...Wouldn't it be fun to have lime green rice Krispie treats? 

Only they turned out a very ugly green, so I had to go to think outside the bag.
I could have remade the treats fixing the problem, only I didn't want to eat the pan of ugly popcorn bars. 
So I just wrapped each treat in saran wrap and tucked them inside the bag with a piece of white tissue paper. 
Which worked out for the best because it really showed off the design! 
Then I made a tag and wrapped them up.
Last, but not least are cupcakes. 
What else would I do with all those cupcake picks, right?
Topping each with rock candy sugar.
I put a quick display of the products on the counter.
  This completes the Spa aaaah Party!
The Pampered Partiologist


  1. Love that everything is packaged so cute and now I'm ready to host my own party! In one click I can find it all, thanks for all the links! Cheryl

  2. you seriously need to get your own party show. where are the networks already? they should be fighting over you! :>D


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