The Partiologist: Magic Party!

Magic Party!

Remember when I said my cookies get to have all the fun? 
Well, today I'm featuring one of the parties they attended. 
Oh oh oh, it's MAGIC!

Magic Party

Upon entering, I was greeted by this wonderful welcome sign~
Cute, huh?  I couldn't wait to go inside...
The length of the hall was filled with balloons, what fun!!
And framed magic prints on the wall~
Right around the corner was the dining room, decorated perfectly for all the magicians~
And a magicians cape for each child who attended, hung on the back of the chairs. 
I can see them now, practicing all their magic tricks!
Boxes to be filled with popcorn~
And the cake, oh that sweet little rabbit peeking from out of the hat~ 
And the birthday banner hanging above the "disappearing" cake~
The cute centerpiece~
Another adorable decoration~

With a wrapper this cute, I'm pretty sure the water was magical~
Each place setting~
And the take home cookie, which was the ONLY thing I contributed to this party~
Thank you Natalie for letting me feature your Magic Party, it was...
Abra Cadabra Adorable!


  1. oh my goodness! i wish i could magically be at that party! and your cookies? with the little stars and the wand? oh my goodness they're magical Kim! :>D

    1. If I were magic, I would make you magically appear at all my parties! :)

  2. OMG, I love, love, love those cookies. Did I say "I love them?" They really made a magical addition to that amazing party. Wow, I never went to a party like that when I was a kid. We were lucky to have some balloons, streamers, and pin the tail on the donkey game hanging on the walls. The party host did a great job with decorations.

    1. Oh Beth, that makes me so happy that you really love my cookies and I can relate to going to parties with a few balloons and streamers! LOL

  3. Oh KIM!! This is wonderful! Those cookies are amazing. I am pinning now!!

  4. What a party, Kim! I just love all the details! The little star sprinkle accents on the cookies are so perfectly magical. And the "disappearing" cake... too clever!

    1. I think the birthday girl loved cookies, and I KNOW her mom did! It was so fun to see all the magical treats at the party!

  5. What a great party! Your cookies are AWESOME!

  6. That hallway was a scene stealer and this entire set-up for this party was absolutely wonderful. Great take home cookie treat :)


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