The Partiologist: Disney Treats!

Disney Treats!

Like I promised, I'm going to show you each of the Disney treats I created for my sister's party.  In detail.  I hope you love Disney and if you do, you're in for a Toon Town Treat!

Disney Sweets!

Here's the layout of the sweets~

Hmmm...where should I begin.  Okay, front and center were Rice Krispie Disney Treats~

After molding the rice krispies in my Mickey Mouse shaped silicone pan, I dipped the bottom in red candy melts and added yellow fondant buttons.
Served on mini plastic black Frisbees, they turned into Town Square Rice Krispie Treats!
In the back left corner were the Mickey Mouse Cupcakes~

These were an updated version from my original Mickey Mouse Cupcakes - HERE
I created the cupcake papers from red cardstock and adding yellow buttons punched from yellow cardstock. 
I then cut out black circles of fondant and let the circles dry for several days so they would hold their shape when I stuck them in the cupcake. 
In the far right corner was the homemade caramel corn served in Mickey Mouse Wrappers~

And that means remaking something, not because it didn't turn out, but because I ate it. 
Case in point?  Kettle Corn and Cinnamon Popcorn. 
It just so happened that outside of Sam's Club there was a vendor set up selling the popcorn and my husband picked up two large bags. 
He brought them home and I thought they would be perfect to fill my two red dotted bowls.
So, I set them aside and tried not to think about them. 
Until one day I had nothing to eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner and didn't want to go to the store.  So I thought I would eat the Kettle Corn and fill both the bowls with the Cinnamon Popcorn. 
Okay, that worked, until another day when I didn't want to go to the store I ended up eating the Cinnamon Popcorn.  So I put the bowls away and decided not to use them.
Only, I really wanted caramel popcorn at the party and knew if I bought it too soon, I would eat it again. 
So I decided to make the caramel corn, because when I MAKE something, I know how much work it is to remake, so I don't eat it. 
I haven't made it in years, I did, however, taste it and it was love at first bite. 
Not too sticky, not too crunchy, just right.
After cutting plain cupcake wrappers from red and yellow cardstock, I added black Mickey Mouse Ears to each. 
Placed a cupcake liner inside and added the caramel corn. 
One word - YUM!  Okay, two words - CUTE & YUM!
Moving right along, Jet Puffed Jumbo Marshmallows are up next~

Have you ever seen such large Marshmallows? 
I had to buy them and use them, didn't know what until I came up with this simple idea.  And btw, this was a kids favorite!
I dipped each of the marshmallows in red candy melts and added white non-pareils. 

Now, for the black plastic sticks? 

Don't know what they are or where I got them, just had them and decided to use them. 

After sticking each pick into the marshmallow, I added a red fondant Minnie Mouse Bow. 

Because Minnie is all about sprinkles & marshmallows.

Speaking of Minnie, I also made Minnie Mouse Chocolate covered Oreo's.  

First I cut out Minnie Mouse Ears with a mini Mickey Mouse cookie cutter (by cutting off the bottom) from black fondant and added a red fondant bow. 
I let them harden so they would hold their shape after I added them to the Oreo. 
I dipped the Oreo in red candy melts, added white circles cut from fondant. 
Once the black mouse ears were hardened, I added them to the Oreo with a bit of red melted candy melts. 
Oh, and the morning of the party, I was moving the big tray of Minnie Mouse Oreo's off the table so the morning sun wouldn't melt them... they tipped over and ALL the mouse ears broke off.  Really?  Did that just happen? 

Quickly I remade the ears and even new bows and had to figure out a way for them to stay standing up. 

I figured it out and from the front they looked great, from the back....they were a sloppy mess. 

I needed another sweet, something simple that wouldn't take up too much time.

And that's when the button topped brownies were created.  Quick & easy!

Molded the buttons from fondant and a silicone mold. 

I then cut brownie rounds, topped each with a red buttercream swirl, the button and called it good.

This was one of my favorite things to make, the Disney Cake Pops!

After making all the Disney icons out of fondant and mini molds, I had them ready to place on each cake pop after they were dipped. 

Oh and did you notice the Mickey Mouse straws?

Here they are gathered up for a photo shoot~

 Did I leave anything out?

Not for today, but I've got more to come...


Can you handle the Magic?


  1. I have eaten a giant bag of kettle corn all by myself, so I totally understand what you did! It's addicting. Not going to the grocery store is my thing too. My husband mentioned on more than one occasion that we can't live on cake and cookies alone and that we need dinner. What's that?

  2. OHHHHHH MYYYYY GOOOOODNESS! you are simply AMAZING! you DESERVE all that popcorn you ate! LOL and the broken ear debacle woulda done me in but nooo you just kept trudging along. and then you talk about your quick brownies with the utterly cute fondant buttons being quick and easy well, do you realize you are something else?! an awesome someone else we all wish we could be! :>D

    1. Thank you Lisa for enjoying my Disney Treats and for leaving such a sweet comment!

  3. WOW! What a spread! I love your creativity!

    1. Happy you are enjoying the Disney Posts, Anne. Thanks for the comment!

  4. I can't believe how perfectly smooth and round your cake pops are, and so many cute fondant details! The brownie buttons were such a cute addition too:)

    1. Sometimes I have good luck with cake pops, and other times it's a mess! I got lucky this time! Thanks Sue!

  5. Oh my goodness how fun. We are in Disneyland Anaheim at the moment with the kids. These treats would be a perfect way to continue the fun at home.

    1. How fun for your family to be in Disneyland, I guess the party was the next best thing!!

  6. Where did you get your Disney icon mini molds?

    1. I ordered them through Amazon, I don't know if they are still available.


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