The Partiologist: Epcot!


I couldn't decide rather to post everything today and end my sister's Disney Party or make it into a couple more posts.  I can't find anyone to ask, so I'll have to make an executive decision and I kind of like that I'm an executive.  So I think a couple more posts should do it.  Today we'll be taking the Monorail over to EPCOT~


Would you believe I made my EPCOT sign with something that fell from the sky?

Chicken little was right when he said the sky is falling! 

Okay, well maybe not the sky, but it did fall off the ceiling light. 

One evening I heard a crash and found that the white plastic thingy fell off the lights in our closet and needed to be replaced. 

Instead of throwing it away, I turned it into my EPCOT sign. 

I found the EPCOT font (which is called Denmark, just in case you were wondering) and printed out each letter. 

Cut them out and traced them on to silver glitter cardstock, cut again and hot glued them on my plastic panel thingy. 

I then placed it on top of my cupboards with little white lights behind it so it would glow!

Below the Epcot sign was The Land~

Featuring recipes from Japan, Mexico, Morocco and China.
Behind each chafing dish were children from each of those countries.
And in the front of each, was the label with the name of the food being showcased.

A closer look at the children and the labels~

Let's hop on the Monorail and head to the other side of the room where I created a spot for Chef Mickey's. 

With cardboard, my cricut, a chef's hat and what you can't see, is there were tiny blinking lights around the sign.

I used a black chalkboard for the menu by cutting white sticker paper with my cricut, peeling  and sticking the letters on the board. 

Chalk would have been easier, which I tried, but my writing looked terrible. 

The Menu consisted of:

Three Cheese Mickey Mac~

Along with Mickey Mouse Waffles~

And Mickey Mouse Pancakes~

Once I found the black Mickey Mouse bowls with ears, I wanted to have Mickey Chips, salsa and guacamole. 
And the red mouse ear plates were perfect to serve them on. 
So you know what that means, right? 

I had to make the Mickey Mouse Chips!

I found some nice thick corn tortilla's and cut them with my Mickey Mouse cookie cutter.

Then I placed them out on a cookie sheet, sprayed with olive oil and sprinkled with salt. 
Baked until they were burnt brown, I really did burn one entire tray, so watch them very carefully!
How about I end for today and come back one more time with the last of the Disney Party?

YUM and Get It!


  1. I love how you turned the plastic panel into a sign. Only a true partiologist would think to do that with something that fell out of the ceiling. It turned out great and it's so cool that it glowed.

    1. Awww, thank you Beth for referring to me as the Partiologist I am meant to be! :)

  2. holy cow. only YOU would make a beautiful sign from something that fell outta the sky. and only YOU would make their own mickey chips. everything matches, everything perfect! what i wouldn't do to go to one of your parties! :)

    1. If you're ever out this way, come on over...I'm sure there will be a party going on!

  3. Oh, MY! You can come up with the most creative stuff! Unbelievable! You WOULD find a use for something that everybody else would throw away! Your mind must be going ALL THE TIME! This is a wonderful party! Hugs! Cheeron

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the comment... and I'm sending hugs right back!

  4. OK.....I'll add my two cents saying how much I virtually enjoyed a return to the "magical" place. You are the most outstanding Disney Rep...hope they don't hire you and take you away from us. OK, now the nosey part.....who did you have this party for?


    1. Aww, thank you Annie. Not nosey at all, this party was for my sister's 60th birthday. She is a true Disney Fan!

  5. Everything is amazing!!! The Epcot sign, food, decor...and those chips~adorable!

    1. Glad you're enjoying the post, thank you for the comment!

  6. Your own homemade chips to boot! You don't forget a thing!

    1. Whenever I can't find what I'm looking for, I make it! :)


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