The Partiologist: Halloween Banner Cookies!

Halloween Banner Cookies!

Did you know that almost anything can be turned into a cookie?  Today I have proof.  As I was walking through the mall, a cute little Halloween Banner was hanging in the window at Papyrus.  Not only did I see a cute banner, I saw cookies.  Quickly I went inside and found the banner to take a closer look.  WHAT?  Half Price?  It was meant to be.  Now I have a banner AND cookies!
Cookie Banner
How could I resist?
Now you know WHY I had to buy it - So I could cookie it!
It started like this...
On the back of the package was a picture of all the faces. 
Perfect for me to follow as I was getting ready to bake.
I ended up using a pennant cutter that I had in my sports themed cookie cutters. 
I'm pretty sure a tree or triangle cutter would work too.  I liked that the top of the pennant worked to hold the ears, stem, etc. for my cookies.
I started with the one eyed monster, using fondant and the No.1 strip cutter for the mouth, round cutters for the antenna and eyes.
Almost all of the decorations for the cookies were make with round, square, and oval cutters. 
I frosted each cookie the same color as the banner.
Now, if I could just hang my cookies across the wall...hmmmm
You See a Banner?

I See a Cookie!


  1. I just love it that you see cookies in everything! These cookies are perfect for Halloween.

    1. It really is strange, I thought everyone sees cookies in everything! :)

  2. Oh how fun! I can't stop looking at that cat!! So Cute!!

    1. Thank you Lisa, too bad there wasn't a Bear on the banner! :)

  3. i LOVE these unique cookies Kim-thanks for cookiefying the banner! :)

    1. I want to thank you for clarifying how to spell cookiefying, I couldn't figure it out! LOL


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