The Partiologist: Stacked Pumpkin Cake Pops!

Stacked Pumpkin Cake Pops!

There's rarely a time when I'm not crafting, and when I'm not crafting, I'm thinking about crafting, which lead me to these stacked pumpkin cake pops.  While thumbing through my fall catalogs, I found the most adorable stacked pumpkins for an urn.  Perfect for my two empty urns out front, only they were a bit pricey.  So I decided to go the less expensive route and this is what I made... 
Edible Stacked Pumpkins.
Just as cute, only too small for the urns.  The good thing is, I won't need to find storage space, I know exactly where I'll put them...

Are you with me? 
I remembered and took photos along the way, because I know you'll want too make stacked pumpkin cake pops too.
And have you tried the Pumpkin Spice Candy Melts???  If you love pumpkin, you're going to love these.  Pinky swear. 
Along with the candy melts, pick up cookie sticks and coconut oil.  I use just a bit of coconut oil to thin out my candy melts.  Make sure you use refined coconut oil, so there is no coconut flavor or aroma.
After baking your cake, cool completely.
Break apart and add to Cuisinart and blend until it resembles dough.
Form into three size balls for the stacked pumpkins.  You decide how big you want your stack to be.
Dip the end of the cookie sticks into the melted pumpkin spice candy melts and then into the cake ball and let set. 
Now take the largest cake ball and dip the entire thing into the pumpkin spice candy melts.
Next, dip the medium size cake ball into the candy melts (be careful not to let the candy melt touch the stick, as you are going to remove it) and stack on top of the large cake ball. 
Hold onto the stick until it is firmly set, then carefully remove stick by slowly twisting it. 
Next, dip the small cake ball using a toothpick, then place the tiny cake ball on the very top and remove the toothpick.
For the curls, I used green fondant and a No. 1 strip cutter. 
Wrap several strips of fondant around a stick and let them set until firm but pliable. 
Slide off the stick and curve the curls however you want. 
Make a few extra in case they break.

Each pumpkin needs an eye or two, so with a bit of frosting, I added three sizes of royal icing eyes to the stacked pumpkin.

And of course leaves...cut with a plunger cutter. 
Add the curls across the top of the pumpkin with a bit of frosting and top with a leaf.  Roll a bit of brown fondant into a stem. 
Add the stem on the top of the curls and you've got yourself a stacked pumpkin!
Cute as a pumpkin sitting in my Cake Pop Stands!
Don't worry, if you mess up, you can always make yourself baby pumpkins and eat the other pumpkins.  Just sayin'.
 My urns are still empty, but my belly is full! 
 Too cute to spook, don't you think?
A Few More Pumpkins from the Patch~


  1. I have trouble with just ONE cake pop and you put three together!!! Only you! So great and cute! Love them!

  2. These so adorable! How do you come up with this stuff?


    1. My mind is ALWAYS crafting in one way or another! :)

  3. too cute to spook stackable pumpkins-oh i die! :)

    1. I'm happy they are too cute too spook! Thanks Lisa :)

  4. Replies
    1. And I LOVED putting on the eyes, all Googly and everything!

  5. Very Cute!! You ALWAYS have such creative ideas!!! Where did you get the cake pop stand in the photo? I really need one!!!

    1. Thank you Karen, the stands are from the Cake Pop Stand Co., I will add a link for them.

  6. Just adorable!!!! Anything you can eat is much better then anything you just look at and much more afordable. from,twobeautifulgirls

  7. Oh my goodness, I love this!


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