The Partiologist: Peppermint Christmas Invitation!

Peppermint Christmas Invitation!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!  While you may be smelling the turkey roasting, I'm smelling peppermint.  If you're even thinking about hosting a Christmas party this year, I highly recommend you get started.  In fact, you probably should have started months ago, but don't worry, with my help you can pull it off in a couple of weeks! 

Starting with the PEPPERMINT Invitation!

This year I decided the theme for our Christmas party would be Snowflakes and Peppermint.  And I can't wait to show you this party.  Starting with the DIY Invitations I made in no time at all.  Okay, I lied, they took just a tiny bit of time!

When you start to see Christmas décor displayed in July, does it make you cringe, or make your heart skip a beat?  It totally makes my heart skip a beat and my mind goes into overdrive.  I LOVE when the Christmas stuff is out, so I can start creating my party.
Which is exactly what I did.  The invitations were created weeks in advance, and sent out the first week of November.  Exactly one month before the party.
You're running out of time, so let's get started.
When I found the tiny peppermint ornaments, I wanted to incorporate them in the invitation.
And then I saw the bows, the glittery red bows.  When you see them, buy them (both from Hobby Lobby).
My vision was to fill a clear box with the invite, peppermint and faux snow.
Now, for the invite.  Come up with clever wording or something lame.  You decide, it's your party.
I originally thought about printing it on cardstock.
Then it came to me...make the design and order it as a digital photograph.

Worked like a charm, only the box was a 4 x 6 and the print was a 4 x 6, making it a tight fit.
No problem.  I just trimmed the end off each shiny & new card.

Take those little peppermint ornaments out of their box and remove the string.
The back of the wooden red bows had sticky dots, I didn't trust them to hold, so I hot glued them to the peppermint stick. 
Now you've got the peppermint sticks ready to glue on each invitation. 
Add a big drop of hot glue to the back of the peppermint and stick on the invitation.
Place the invitation in the clear 4 x 6 box.
Add a sprinkling of faux snow.
 Just like me, Original, Cute and Christmassy all in one. 
Just Kidding! 


  1. These are bright and happy invitations! I know the party décor is going to be awesome.

    1. Oh the décor, can't wait to show the décor, thanks Paula!

  2. I love your invitations, especially the poem you wrote.

    1. I spent many hours writing that poem, now I know how musicians feel when writing a song. LOL

  3. These are adorable!!! What a great idea, Kim!!!

  4. I'll have to agree with you - original, cute and Christmassy all in one! Cheryl

  5. dag gone it. if only i could come to one of your parties-now THAT would make my heart skip a beat. the invites are totally sweet! :)

    1. Well now, you'll just have to let me know when you're out my way!

  6. Love everything ... the bow on the stick is adorable and completes the look! BTW ... part of your phone number is missing ... we can't RSVP ... LOL ;)

    1. You know Brenda, I've been thinking...I really should have a party just for all my blog followers, right???

  7. Love these sweet party invites!

    Peppermint decorations are one of my favorites and I can't imagine cringing at Christmas decor!
    I listen to Christmas music year round on my cell phone. My family thinks I'm nuts, but my hubby indulges me!

    I can only imagine how amazing your party is gonna be. I love the awesomeness of your blog!

    1. What a sweet way to start my day with a comment like this - thanks so much!

  8. Sooooo fun...I want to come to this party!



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