The Partiologist: Disney Themed Party Treats!

Disney Themed Party Treats!

I've had so many blog posts with Disney themed desserts, I didn't even know how much fun it would be finally hosting a party for MY family. But then, are you ready for another Disney Themed Party? I mean how many ways can I entice you to click and see more Disney desserts? Well, I've made some favorites along with something NEW. 

Yes, something you're never seen!

Disney Themed Party Treats!

First of all, Mickey was on the floor greeting the family.

He was so happy everyone was here!

On the floor right in front of the island full of desserts.

Mickey was center of attention holding a sign. Made from metal with magnet Mickey's so I can change the sign!

He knows we'll be on our way soon!

Here's a look at the desserts. These were all packaged up to take home and enjoy while preparing for the trip.

One of my favorites is the RKT.

Topped with chocolate which I added black candy color to.

Again, black candy color added to the chocolate to make the Minnie Bow topped Oreos.

What do you do when you need to fill one more bowl?

Hot Tamales with Mickey Mouse stickers.

Okay, give me a break I was getting tired from all the cooking.

These were a little time consuming to make. Minnie Mouse Cakesicles.

I did make homemade banana muffins. Topped with Mickey!

The ever famous chocolate cookies with the famous faces. Mickey & Minnie.

Not famous, but delicious were the chocolate chunk cookies. Packaged with Mickey stickers.

One of my favorite combinations are gingerbread and chocolate. Dipped Mickey ears did the trick.

Bags of homemade granola was something to take and snack on. And perfect for the plane ride!

I think peanut butter and chocolate are my kids absolute favorite combination. So I had to Disney them up.

In the middle of the counter, I had a few felt pieces for d├ęcor.

As you notice everything was packaged. Why? Because I had something special for our dessert.

Over on another counter, I had chocolate cupcakes and photo props. 

This was not our special dessert. 

Cute little chocolate cupcakes placed in Mickey decorated glasses.

The photo props were fun for, well, photos!

Like I said, this was not our special dessert. In fact, I sent everyone out of the room so I could recreate this counter with our special dessert.


When they were summoned back to the kitchen, this counter magically turned into a cocolate fondue station.

It was a hit. I don't think I could ever have found a better end to our party. Our family loves chocolate! And so fun to dip into the fountain. I had marshmallows, pineapple chunks, pretzels, cherries, oranges, apples, bananas and strawberries.

Notice the Disney colored toothpicks? Well, I had to search high and low. Probably no one noticed but me. But I noticed and they made me happy.

Well folks, see you real soon!

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  1. Your family is so fortunate to have such an amazing party hostess. Everything looks amazing. I love the Mickey Mouse chocolate fountain. That was definitely a special treat.

    1. Thank you Beth, you know me I turn any occasion into a party! :)

  2. wow you really can throw a party with the great host ...MIckey great job ..wish i was going been several years now that i have gone ...have a great time ...lots of fun...

    1. Aww, thank you so much! This was a party I hosted a couple years ago, such great memories!! :)


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