The Partiologist: Trending Now - Black and Gold Pumpkins!

Trending Now - Black and Gold Pumpkins!

It's taken awhile to get these designs out of my head and on to cookies...Trendy Black and Gold Pumpkin Cookies.  In catalogs and on store shelves everywhere, I have seen black and gold was only a matter of time until they would become cookies.
Would you believe me if I told you I used only ONE cutter for all six cookies?
Well I did and I'll show you how.
Black & Gold Pumpkin Cookies
Right off the store shelves and onto my cookies.  
I've included another set using one size cutter.

I'm pretty sure the black and gold trend will continue into Christmas, you can mark my words.
Okay, back to the six cookies using one cutter.
I started with one pumpkin shaped cookie cutter above and cut my first pumpkin cookie.
Then I took the cutter and pushed the sides together, making a taller, more shapely pumpkin.
Cut another pumpkin cookie.
I continued to reshape the cutter until I had six different shapes.
Once the cookies were baked, I began decorating.
I started by mixing up royal icing and added bit of ivory food color.
Then I piped the icing in one section of the cookie and let dry.
After the first section has set, add another section to the right and then on the left.
Continue until the pumpkin is full.

Next, mix up black royal icing and fill the pumpkin the same way.
Roll out black fondant and paint with a bit of gold luster dust
Cut circles with a #10 round decorating tip.
Add to the bottom of the pumpkin.
Using a large and small rose mold, make several black fondant roses.
Paint the black leaves and roses with gold luster dust mixed with vodka.
For the curls, make black fondant strings with a clay gun.

Wrap the black fondant round a cookie stick or a wooden stick.
Before the fondant is too dry, remove from stick and slightly curl.
To make the stem, mold a piece of fondant and use a toothpick to make marks.
Paint the stem with gold and begin decorating each pumpkin.
I painted additional gold to the seams of the pumpkin.
For this pumpkin, I added edible disco dust. 
 This is the pumpkin with the gold dots.
Added fondant roses, leaves and vines then sprinkled with more edible disco dust.
On this cookie, I added black dots painted gold, along with the roses, leaf and vine.
Another pumpkin with black and gold disco dust along with roses, leaf and vine.
Remember these?
Each cookie was airbrushed with either gold or black then fondant accents were added.

Using stencils and an airbrush, royal icing and fondant, sprinkles and dragees, gold luster dust and vodka, the set was complete.
After airbrushing a black chevron pattern, I went back and piped on ivory icing.
Let the icing dry and paint with gold luster dust mixed with vodka.
On another cookie, I brushed the bottom with Karo syrup and sprinkled with gold sugar.
On this cookie, after I airbrushed the swirl, I piped a bit of royal icing and added a gold dragee.
Finished with the fondant stem and rose.
The next cookie, I used the stencil with frosting. 
Piped a little black frosting to the back of an off set spatula.
Placed the stencil on the cookie and spread the frosting across the top of the stencil.
Let the frosting dry and add gold to the tips.
What do you think about the black and gold trend?  Are you in?

Pretty Pretty Pumpkins!


  1. What gorgeous cookies - I am in love with the black and gold trend!! Cindi

    1. I'm loving that black and gold trend as well, thank you !

  2. OH MY GOOOOOOOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :>D!!!!

  3. Those are not cookies, those are works of art. Simply beautiful!! from,twobeautifulgirls

  4. Absolutely the most unique and beautiful pumpkin cookies i've ever seen! I will be looking forward to seeing what other treats you come up with using the black and gold colors.
    I also love how you came up with the different shapes by manipulating the cutter!

    1. How sweet, thank you so much for the comment! My first plan was to buy new pumpkin cutters and then I had that idea!!

  5. So, so gorgeous! You do such beautiful work!

  6. Beautiful!!! They are so creative and so on trend!

    1. Thank you Stephanie, I really love the black and gold trend!!

  7. Thanks for visiting the #PartyGalsLinky! These look amazing! I am hooked on the black and gold pumpkin trend too!!!!

    1. Thank you Keisha - the black and gold trend sure makes Halloween glamorous, right?

  8. These are so cute! Great idea repurposing the pumpkin cookie cutter to make a different shape pumpkin. Thank you for linking up to The Party Gals Linky.

    1. I sure was happy I could bend the cutter to get the different shapes. Thanks Blanca!

  9. Your pumpkin cookies are beautiful. I really want to learn how to make beautiful cookies like these.


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