The Partiologist: Candy Corn Toss!

Candy Corn Toss!

While most parents are encouraging children not to play with their food, I'm doing the opposite.  In fact, this is another project which promotes playing with cookies.  Just so we're clear, today it's okay to play with your food.
This is what I'm talking about people.  I've made a game using cookies.
Candy Corn Toss

I have to admit, I played it and in my first few attempts I had already scored four points.  I'm pretty sure I would win at candy corn toss.
I decided to make it fair, we needed to keep score with score cards.
That's when I made little score cards. 
Enough for four players.  Each person gets a bag with 12 candy corn playing pieces and at each turn they toss 3 candy corns to see how many points they will get.
Or you can make up your own rules, which means you have to make up your own scorecards.
The candy corn cookie is two layers.
Are you ready to play?
I drew a large candy corn on cardstock and made a template for you HERE.
Print the template on cardstock and cut.
In the center of each circle, I punched a hole with a medium paper punch.
(After it's baked you will need to lay the template over the cookie to mark where the holes needs to be.)

Lay the candy corn template on top of the cookie dough.
Cut around the template with a sharp knife. 
Bake until done.  Make sure it is completely baked through the center.

Immediately out of the oven, place the template on the baked cookie and mark the center with a toothpick.
Cut the holes out of the cookie while it is still hot.
Leave one cookie without holes.

Using a food safe marker, draw the lines marking for the three colors.

Begin filling in the top of the cookie with white, letting the icing run down and around the center. 
Lift the cookie to a wire rack to dry.

Continue adding the orange and yellow royal icing. 
Letting the icing run down and around the hole.  Drying on wire rack.
Let cookie dry overnight.
Cut numbers out of black fondant.  (Make sure the numbers fit the hole)
You will need three 1's, two 2's and one 3.
Place the numbers on the solid cookie.
Place the cookie with the cut outs on the top.
Now you're ready to play.

The score card for four players.
Print on Avery Index Cards #5388
Package in cellophane bag.

Candy Corn Score Card Template HERE. 

Simple playing pieces are candy corn.
Divide a bag of candy corn into packages of 12.
Print on Avery Square Labels #22806.
Candy Corn Playing Pieces Label Template HERE.
Place the cookie in a box with the playing pieces on each side.

Seal the box with orange tulle and tuck the score cards under the bow.

Go ahead, play with your food!


  1. You are just too clever!!! These cookies are so much fun. I wish I had time to make some for my party. The kids would love them:)

    1. Oh yes, I bet the kids would love playing this at your party!

  2. How cute, you are winning for sure with this! Cindi

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Lisa, who knew candy corn could be so fun?? :)

  4. You are so very creative! This looks like so much fun!

  5. What a creative idea. Kids would go crazy over this one!! from,twobeautifulgirls

    1. I do think I know of at least two little girls who would LOVE this! :)

  6. This is so stinkin' cute and absolutely brilliant Kim!! xx

  7. Oh my goodness..i can barely stand it! These are so adorable. And I tell you, those bagged candy corn playing pieces just make this whole shebang the cutest cookie creation. :o)

    1. You are just too sweet! I have to admit, I really loved those little bagged candy corn too!

  8. Oh my goodness, you're amazing!! I didn't realize that was a cookie until I read the post. How cool is that. And candy corn is THE best Halloween candy ever!

    1. Aww, thank you Tiffany - I just got a few photos of my nephew and his family playing the candy corn game and then the cutest photos of their little boy eating the top off!


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