The Partiologist: Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit!

Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit!

This time of year there's one thing everyone needs...time!  And now you can give a gift and time.  The time it takes to get everything ready to decorate cookies for Christmas sometimes takes the fun out of I've been told.  When I came up with this idea many years ago and offered it for sale, I was told it was genius and that doesn't happen often.
Here it is, everything needed to decorate a dozen cookies packaged up all pretty.
Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit!

All the goodies in one basket!

You can completely wrap the box with a cellophane bag, tie with tulle and add a party pick.
This is what's included in the box~
First of all, a little compartment filled with six kinds of sprinkles!
You can add any sprinkle you want!
What good are sprinkles if you don't have any frosting?

Place three decorating tips (basket weave tip, round tip and star tip) into decorating bags.
Do NOT cut the end.
Fill the bags with red, white and green buttercream frosting.

Fold the end over and tie with a matching loom band.
When you're ready to decorate, all you do, is cut the tip off and squeeze the frosting through the tip!
Now we need the cookies~
Bake a dozen cookies with an imprint.
I made eight boxes, so I baked eight dozen cookies.
Kids young and old love to see what they are decorating!
Place four cookies in each bag and tie with tulle.
Place all of the above in a Christmas box and slide into a cellophane bag.
Tie with red, white and green tulle and add party pick.
You'll be decorating in no time.

That is, if you find the time to make the Christmas Cookie Decorating Kit!

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  1. I want someone to make this for ME! Cindi

  2. I is a genius~and fun~idea! I'm thinking the eight lucky recipients of your decorating kits were happy indeed! These are awesome Kim. :o)


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