The Partiologist: Mini Chimney Cakes!

Mini Chimney Cakes!

As a child, I have the most magical memories of Christmas, it was simple, but simply wonderful.  My family consisted of my mom, dad, two sisters and grandparents.  On Christmas Eve we would go to our church Christmas program, come home and open gifts. 

I could list my favorite gifts, but I don't think you care about the Incredible Edible Machine or the Vacuform or even the Fun Flower Machine...not to mention my sister's Wood Burning Machine.  Yeah, those were some of my favorites.  I'm pretty sure they don't make them any more because of all those safety's a miracle I'm still alive!
Now, you might want to take a seat for this revelation, I didn't believe in Santa...GASP!  I pretended in Santa.  Are you in shock?  Santa always appeared at our school Christmas program and I thought he was a great guy and all, I even told him what I wanted for Christmas just for fun.  I still pretend in Santa, which is why I made these cute little mini cakes, just for Santa.
Down the Chimney Mini Cakes!

Whether you believe or pretend, the little cakes are magical.
Because you can eat every part!
It's hard to believe isn't it, that you can eat this chimney?

The lights were strung with ease.

No burnt out lights here!

And now, here's the how to~

After baking and cooling your brownies, cover with chocolate ganache and remove from pan.

Cut with a knife or to make sure each is the same size, mark the brownies with a square cookie cutter.

Stack two brownies on top of each other.

Making the mini cakes.

Now it's time to lay the brick.

First roll out red fondant into a long strip.

Press with brick impression mat.

After making the first impression, lift the mat and line it up with the bricks and press again, making a long strip of brick.

Cut the strip of brick to fit the brownie.

Wrap the brick fondant around the stacked brownie.

To make the bricks stand out, I brushed edible chalk into each line.

You can also use powdered black food color.  (Link below)

Now it's ready for the snow.

Making it snow on the chimney was easy.

Pipe glaze icing around the top of the brownie, letting it fall over the edge.

This is where consistency is key.

The icing cannot be too thin or it will run and make a big mess.

If it's too thick, it won't fall down the sides.

So you might want to practice a little so you don't mess up your chimney, like someone I know.

Time to make the snow glisten.
Over a paper plate, sprinkle frosty flakes across the snow.
If your snow has set, use a paint brush (used for food only) and brush with a little vodka and the snow will stick.

Now we can make Santa's boots.

Roll and cut black fondant with the mini boot cookie cutter.

Roll and cut the top of the boot with red fondant.

Just enough to cover the top of the black fondant.

Place the red fondant on top of the black boot.

Turn the boots over and add a toothpick and a bit of black royal icing.

Let the boots sit until completely dry.

Once the boots are dry, turn over and pipe a squiggle of white frosting across the bottom of the red fondant.

Now you've got the fur on Santa's pants.

Insert the boots into the top of the snow.
With a round #2 decorating tip, pipe a string of black frosting around the chimney.
Add a little black dot and place an edible Christmas bulb.

The kind that never burn out.

Can you tell I have had issues with Christmas lights?
Your friends will tilt their head in disbelief, because this is edible.
Santa Baby...
Hurry down the Chimney Tonight!

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  1. I was very curious so I had to look! I am AMAZED...AGAIN! You are totally awesome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! TY for sharing! HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU FROM TEXAS! ~~~Lisa Kay~~~

    1. Thank you so much for the sweetest comment - Happy Holidays to you too!

  2. It really does sound like you had a magical Christmas and I love these chimney cakes! Cindi

  3. oh my goodness Kim anything you make is spectacular and these are no exception. take it easy on us horrible pipers will ya?! ;) lol

  4. I remember most of those gifts! I especially loved the incredible edibles! These cookies are so cute wish I could order some! I didn't ever believe in Santa either! I was always too much of a realist! Lol!!! ��. Cheeron

  5. You didn't believe? I totally did and still do! These cakes are so cool. I know Santa would approve.

    1. Thanks Beth, I'm starting to believe...As long as you and Santa approve, I'm set! LOL

  6. This is over the top adorable!!! AND I actually saw these in person...since I'm one of the "sisters" she mentioned! Everything Kim makes is beautiful in my opinion! I do not have even a small portion of her creative talent, but I do get to enjoy some of the creations from her kitchen!!!
    I chocolate dipped and decorated a few pretzels today with my granddaughter for her birthday party next weekend… And since she is only eight years old, she thought they were wonderful! The whole time I kept thinking Kim would redo them!!!

    I enjoy looking at everything you make...please keep sharing...I know you'll be famous someday!!!

    Love you,
    Sister Colleen

    1. Love you too and because you wrote this awesome comment, you can have these mini cakes! LOL

  7. These adorable chimney cakes are nothing short of phenominal! Never mind the fact that I also never believed in Santa-or the Easter bunny for that matter-..his upside down boots are too kee-ute! Oh my..Shoppin' Sheryl was my prized toy as a young girl! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I'm loving all the cuteness coming from thepartiologist!! Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas. :o)

    1. You really are the sweetest! Isn't it fun to remember all the magic of Christmas when we were young, not to mention now! Merry Christmas to you too! :)

  8. Oh my....some how I missed these!!! They really are over the top amazing and creative. I agree with your sister I KNOW that you are the most talented and creative baker out there and will some day be famous!! If not you are already famous is my world! from,twobeautifulgirls


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