The Partiologist: Little Debbie Valentines

Little Debbie Valentines

Today I'm making Little Debbie Valentines, not valentines for Little Debbie, but valentines using Little Debbie cakes!  When I'm at the grocery, I try and stay away from the cookie isle, but these were on an end cap, caught my eye and I had to have them.  Because who can resist a heart shaped Little Debbie?
Really, they're cute enough left alone, but I'm going to show you three ways you can dress up the little chocolate cakes.  Just when I thought I was done dressing up Little Debbie, my husband brings home the red velvet Little Debbie Cakes and this happened.  They turned out to be my favorite.
Little Debbie Valentine Cakes
This is just one of the reasons to walk down the cookie isle.
And if that's not enough, how about these...
Little Debbie Love Bugs~
See what I mean?
If you can dip, you can decorate.
I love my Little Debbie Love Bug!
But I really really love the Little Debbie Fish.
Yep, of all the fish in the sea, you're the one for me!
I must tell you these were all keepers.
How can you resist all the Little Debbie cuteness?
Well, you can't, so let me show you how simple they were to decorate.
Let's start with the rose topped Little Debbie.
Start by melting red candy melts in a shallow glass micro wave safe bowl.
After they are melted, spoon the candy melts into a silicone rose mold.  (Amazon link below)
Let the candy melts harden in the freezer.
Remove from the mold.
Open the box of Red Velvet Little Debbie Valentine Cakes.
Using a Wilton #352 leaf tip, pipe a leaf on each side of the heart.
Place the red candy rose in the center.
Yep, it's that easy.
Next let's start dipping to create the Love Bugs.
Like I said, if you can dip, you can decorate.
Begin by melting red candy melts in a shallow microwave bowl.
Unwrap the Little Debbie cakes.
Dip the top of the cake into the red chocolate.
Let dry on wax paper.
Using black frosting and a Wilton #3 round tip, pipe the antennae on the chocolate.
Add a row of red frosting with the Wilton #13 star tip.  
Pipe a couple of dots and add the royal icing eyes.
Then add a few more teeny tiny dots and add candy heart sprinkles.
Will you be my love bug?
Or perhaps fish are more your thing?

Next we'll dip the tip of the heart in chocolate.
Add three black eye lashes with a #1 Wilton round tip, and a row of red frosting with a #13 Wilton star tip. 
Pipe two small lines with a Wilton #3 round tip for the lips.
Because all fish have lips.
Add a royal icing eye. 
Add dots of frosting to hold tiny heart candies for the fins.
Will you O-FISH ally be my Valentine?
They fit perfectly in my boxes from BRP
Do you love your boxes?  If they're from BRP you do!
Along with free printable tags for you.  HERE
Perfect for packaging.
Happy Valentine's Day Roses
Of all the fish in the sea, you're the one for me!
Will you be my Love Bug?
Or you can package them up individually!
Little Debbie...
I will always love you!
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  1. OMG, these are too cute. I especially love the fish.

    1. Thank you Beth, now that I'm looking again, I think I love the fish the best! LOL

  2. I love your cute and easy too!
    Could you put a link to your silicone mold?

    1. Thank you Kathy, I just found the mold and listed an Amazon link above. (Make sure you don't have pop ups blocked to see the link)

  3. These are too cute!!! I got to make them and send to my kids. Where did you get the rose mold that you used in the photos? YOUR mold has 12 roses and the Amazon one only has four. I have purchase a few flower molds before for decorating cupcakes, but the flowers were always very small. What size flower did your mold make?

    PLEASE RESPOND. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm sure you're kids would Love them!! Yes, the rose mold I used has several size roses,I just found the one I used and added an Amazon link above.

    2. I almost forgot, the flowers are between 3/4" to 1 1/4" in size. :)

  4. These are such fantastic ideas!! Love it Kim!

  5. I love these great ways of dressing up Little Debbies! Fantastic!!

    1. Everyone loved the little cakes! Thanks for the comment! :)


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