The Partiologist: Chocolate Filled Gingerbread Hearts!

Chocolate Filled Gingerbread Hearts!

Well, it's snowing again and my house smells like gingerbread.  No it's not Christmas, but it sure smells like it.  Last year I made the executive decision...gingerbread is not just for Christmas.
Because I love the combination of chocolate and gingerbread (well I pretty much love the combination of chocolate with anything) I decided to make a few gingerbread shaped hearts filled with a red chocolate center.
Chocolate Filled Gingerbread Hearts

The question is, how many bites does it take to get to the chocolate center?
For me, two.
Or one, if you bite into the chocolate rose.

 Are you in for gingerbread in February?
Grab two sizes of heart shaped cookie cutters.
Make your gingerbread cookie dough.  The recipe I used can be found HERE.
Cut the large heart shape.
Transfer to parchment paper before cutting out the center, so the heart doesn't lose it's shape.
Once the cookie is on the parchment paper, cut and remove the center with the smaller heart cutter.
Bake and cool.
While the cookies are cooling, make the red chocolate roses with Wilton Red Candy Melts.
Pour into rose mold, freeze and remove.
For this project, I used the smallest rose in the mold, approximately 3/4".
Melt more chocolate.
Place the gingerbread cookie on a piece of wax paper.
With a small spoon, fill in the center of each gingerbread heart.
Refrigerate until firm.
Now for the fun part...adding the embellishments!
Use a Wilton #2 round decorating tip and pipe a few loops on the cookie.
Pipe more circles of frosting in the upper left corner.
Add the red chocolate roses.
Pipe tiny dots of frosting next to the green loops.
Add the red confetti hearts for the leaves.  A little FYI, red roses have red heart shaped leaves.
Between the roses pipe green leaves with the Wilton #352 leaf tip.
Now you've got yourself a pretty AND yummy gingerbread heart.
It's ginger's time to shine!
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  1. Wow, those cookies are gorgeous. I love gingerbread any time of the year, but have to admit that I've only eaten it at Christmas. Why is that? I might need to change that this year.

    1. Yes, you must start eating gingerbread immediately! :)

  2. good golly. you are like THE cookie queen. i mean look at those cookies?!?! how in heaven's name anyone can take one bite of them is beyond me-i would frame them instead! :>D

    1. You are so funny, once you realize how simple they are to make you'll gobble them up in no time! :)

  3. You are the bomb at that frosting! That's gorgeous artwork! Thanks for linking up with delicious dishes recipe party!

    1. Thank you Liz, they were quite simple to make with the mold and candy melts! :)


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